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  1. check the machine temp's also!

    u can probably see these in your bios.

    if it's not that.. most probably fault of a couple of softwares...

    suggest format and reisntall of os.. easily fixes the problem.. if u don't wanna do that.. defrag, anti-spyware, antivirus, scandisk/chkdsk, registry cleaner...

    lots of softwares to do all that... get working mate.

  2. Hey all...

    i've searched long and hard, but... nuttin.../.

    i believe i've finally figured out how to mod the multiprocessor kernel ; ntkrnmp.exe.

    but i haven't seen anything saying how to use it, unattendedly.

    i'm using the bootcfg /a /raw /kernel=oemkrnl.exe /id 1 etc etc method for ntoskrnl.exe

    if i use the same method for the ntkrnlmp.exe, then i believe my comp will not boot up as it's locked into trying to use the ...mp.exe IF my hyperthreading is disabled.

    I think tbhis will hppn because the comp DOES crash when using a modded ntoskrnl.exe which works with hyperthreading is off, but does NOT while my hyperthreading is enabled.

    so in this method, i'd have to leave hyperthreading on if i were to use a modded ntkrnlmp.exe, i really do need to find a diferent way. Anyone know how?

    The only solution i can think of right now, is compressing, and REPLACING it with the old ntkrnlmp.ex_ in \i386\. i don't really like this method really, caused me my share of problems when i replaced the ntoskrnl.exe with the ORIGINAL in sp1a.

    [please do not change this into a debate about why in gods name i'd wanna switch hyperthreading off]


  3. i've been reading up on fdisk script...

    and saw ONLY one post on this..

    @ http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&hl=msbatch.inf

    so... i've been trying to make one.. and with great difficulty too!

    i'd really appriciate it, and so would others...

    if ppl who are already using scripts could post their scripts here. so that we could all benefit from examples.

    would anyone know how to set it up so that the command tells fdisk to create a 50% or so [in percentages, so that i can use it on multiple sized Hd's] that it'lll create a partition of half the HD.

    like.. i know that

    fdisk 1/PRI:500

    will create a primary partition of 500MB

    but i want something like /PRI:50% (which doesn't work..)

    any ideas?

  4. i use flashfxp... usually give me the error of too many users..

    keep trying.. hope it works..

    /// if anyone wants it and cannot get access to it... i'll be hosting an ftp in a couple of days..

    i dunno if it'd be illegal to host any MS resource kits.. but it's a pvt server.. should be fine. ///

  5. hey all..

    having yet another problem.. i'm trying to get SFC to switch back on!

    i HAD used the hacked sfc_os.dll file, and it works fine.

    But now, i'm trying to replace it with an original one, so that SFC is NOT disabled...

    i got a clean version from a HOME edition (while i'm using a PRO version), but XP didn't complain about this... so i'm guessing it should've worked! but didn't!

    i'm pretty sure that i haven't used any registry changed to enable/disable SFC while installed, so am quite confused on why it's still disabled!!!



    edit: and my SFCdisable in the registry is 0. (which should be the original setting i think)

  6. nah.. i think u misunderstood what i was tryin to say...

    i am using runonceex.cmd With cmdow...

    but i'm using it to call another .cmd batch file, which does NOT use cmdow..

    it's just a normal .cmd e.g.

    @echo off
    ECHO Installing WinAmp 5.07 Pro
    ECHO Please wait...
    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\winamp\winamp507_pro.exe /S /ncrc /install=DSRFQA
    start taskkill.exe /F /IM winamp.exe
    regedit /s %systemdrive%\install\winamp\regkey.reg
    Echo Unregistering WinAmp Agent
    REG DELETE HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v WinampAgent /f

    i'm using that WITHOUT cmdow, as i cannot call the taskkill.exe line. (either i don't know how to do it, or its not possible) i have tried.. didn't work.

    so the batch file i'm mentioning in the (code), can i get that to run silently, or atleast minimized?

  7. hi..

    although i'm usinng runonceex.cmd to install majority of my programs.. it does call one or two other .cmd's which i use to run some extra processes, as i couldn't get it to work in runonceex.cmd..

    so would it be possible to make a batch file run silently/minimized so that it's doesn't cover up the whole screen when runing a short batch file..


  8. Why i have two OSes namely, XP and 98 installed?

    I sometimes use some really old school programs, which do not, or cause problems in XP, so have to resort to windows.

    in my old machine, because XP was slightly unstable, and more prone to viruses etc.. i had win98 as a backup OS, just incase my XP couldn't be booted from.

    Another reason was that i was programming something (in XP) that was going to be used on Win98 syystems mostly, so needed to test it on a 98.

    If you are runnning XP, and want to see files from/of win98, you MUST have your XP drive formatted as FAT32 as win98 is only fat or fat32.

    If XP is installed as NTFS, both will still run, but u won't be able to see one OS from the other.

    My suggestion is to keep BOTH OS's in SEPERATE partitions. It just works better that way.

    You asked if 98 and XP can share the same programs/settings/peronsal data. answer is NO. You need to install each operating system's programs in a diferent location.

    Hope that covers most of ur queries.. anything else.. just post.. :D

    Although, you can obviously have personal data shared between teh two.. pictures, .doc's etc.. (as long as both are FAT32 formatted).

    I also suggest that you installl windows 98 on the 1st partition, THEN install XP on the other partition. It's usually better in any/all cases, to install older prog's 1st, then newer ones, so that newer ones can use the old one's as it need to.

  9. hey.. by using this key in the msbatch.inf

    ; The line below turns off the user logon going into Windows (needed for
    ; factory configuration portion of Express setup).
    HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Network\Real Mode  Net","autologon",1,00000000

    What about the network connections?

    i don't have a local network right now to test this key on.. but i'm guessing "autologon" meanign it's like pressing enter and logging on with the default user name at start up?

    so would i be right to say that it'll always log on automatticcaly to the local network (ofcourse once the workgroup etc is setup.)



    another question...(didn't wanna create a new thread...:P)

    i need to set my timezone to GMT +3 hrs. Which is "Nairobi". Which doesn't work.. it halts and asks me to enter in a timezone near the end of setup.

    I checked the Resource kit documentation online.. and there is no option for "Nairobi" in it's list.. but there is an option of "Saudi Arabia" which i do believe is in the same timezone.. but even when using timezone="Saudi Arabia"... it doesn't work..

    anyone with a solution or an idea on what ta do?

    or i can just set it to "Eastern" [uSA-eastern] which should probably work, then change it to my timezone after installation... if there's no solution...

  10. true that bullet..

    but i don't usually update my windows98..

    it runs just fine without them actually.. but since i'm in a situation where i can download them (normally my net speed doesn't allow me to download too much.. crappy dialup)

    so just wanted to know if the unoffcial SP does the work thhat alll the offical updates do.

  11. hey...

    i just now saw that when i goto the win update site, there's plenty that my windows need to be up2date..

    but after installing the unoffical SP 1.6.2? it gives an error...

    I wanted to know if the unofficial SP covers those updates which were displayed on the win website, or should i be finding a way to slipstream or just save them on my new win98 cd.???

  12. hey.. is there anyway to get the batch files which are run at teh end of setup to exit using the 'exit' command as it works in XP?

    so that it doesn't just show "FINISHED..." on the title, but closes the batch screen...?


    tried a few things.. but no luck.. maybe use of a "kill.exe" ? anyone use this?

    another question... i think i saw this being mentioned, but search turned up with nothing..:(

    my batch file keeps on looping, after i close it, it'll start again. it went out of the loop only when i closed the command box before installation was completed.. any idea's on what's up? (no.. i batch file isn't calling it self! lol)

  13. @prathapml

    I see ur location as "India" and that is not on the selection list of the time zones.. options for india are delhi, madhras etc.. cities only.

    should i change mine to a country name?

    i'm sure BATCH98 put that in for me...i'm using "Nairobi".. i explain below...

    I'm getting stoped to be asked what time zone i'd like to set..

    i'm not sure why this is...

    i'm using:


    My BIOS and location at the moment is NOT "Nairobi" but USA. Is this why? shouldn't it jjust accept it even if it's not right?

    or anything else comes to mind thaht i could check on?

    I so glad 98 doesn't take soooo long! i'm trying to get ur instTime.bat running at startup.. probaby some syntax thingi.. workin on it.

  14. [user.Box.One] and two..

    i don't understand wot that does.. i'm guessing create two users? but i don't see the user name or anything there.. so that can't be right..

    one's about the desktop and two's about the start menu... wot does that do?

    and also.. is there anyway of replacing the original logo.sys, logos and logow in the windows installation files instead of me making a batch file to do it?

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