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  1. In the old outlook and outlook express you could split up large emails so that you wouldnt get problems with email size limits imposed by ISP's, but in the new outlook i cannot find this function, and it doesnt appear in the help file either!.

    Has anyone got any ideas, is there an add on that i can get to enable this??

    please help!


  2. I didnt use to do a full dump (!) but i fogot what it said at the time, but in the event viewer it did say there was a COM+ problem, it went on more but i cant remember it all. Does that help at all.?

  3. Has anyone out there upgraded from w2k pro to XP pro and then when u try connecting to the web using a BT ISDN (PCI) modem you get dialling and then a black screen as the PC reboots itself!!

    Nice touch i thought!

    Any ideas?

    Have so far tried installing new drivers etc etc, but nothing seems to be working, other than that its fine, have also tried connecting to the web using a hayes modem and that did the same thing!!

    Also, has anyone got an opinion on whether updating is the best way to go rather than a fresh install, obviously there is a lot more to put back with a fresh install



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