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  1. Just an update for 7Slimmer:

    Some x64 users are having issues with this app. This will be fixed in the next release, which hopefully will be written in java :] But for now just run the commands manually if you have an error.

    Think of 7Slimmer as beta... But if you like to program then upload your own version! We need other people to contribute I can't really program worth crap xD

    EDIT (like a week later): nobody is having any problems at all?

    Having the same problem with CHOICE.COM and 64-bit incompatibilities. How is the update going? :)
  2. ToolTipFixer

    Ever since Microsoft invented the Windows Shell with explorer.exe back in the days of Windows 95, there's been a bug that's gone from one version of Windows to the next; and with each upgrade it became worse and worse - until Vista where it only rears its ugly head every once in a while instead: tooltips appear behind the taskbar, where you can't read them and they are of no use to you. And there's nothing you can do about it!

    NST ToolTipFixer patches this bug for once and for all, doing what Microsoft hasn't been able to do in 13 years.

    ToolTipFixer 2.0 – (Oct. 14, 2008):

    * [TTF-6] - Installer options for service vs. application

    * [TTF-8] - Minimize memory usage as much as possible

    * [TTF-5] - Create standalone ToolTipFixer module

    * [TTF-7] - Remove .NET Dependencies

    Download nLite addon from here

    Homepage: http://neosmart.net

  3. Kirby, for your information, below is a screenshot of my nLite'd system, you will note that a considerable number of services have been removed/disabled, yet wireless networking is working correctly.





    you use wifihopper to scan for networks.....I don't. If you want to use Window's wifi-scanner, then don't remove those 2 services. As I said (for the 3rd time already), internet connections will still work as long as you input the SSID name of the router manually.
  4. Kirby, neither service is required in order for the wireless card to work correctly, however they may well require WPA (built-in to Windows) to be enabled also. I use the excellent WiFiHopper, which does not appear to have any internal Microsoft file/service dependencies.
    I do remember saying that my wireless card does work with these services removed.....just that scanning for a network is broken and that I could only connect manually by inputing the SSID name of the router
  5. Okay....I think I finally got this down....please ignore all my previous ranting :P

    Services not to remove for wireless cards:

    Extensible Authentication Protocol Service

    Network Access Protection Agent

    I am pretty sure of this now.....I just wasted my whole night re-installing :P

  6. I spoke too soon....I did another re-install with all the new SP3 services removed EXCEPT FOR 'NAP'....and now my wireless card is screwing up again....

    I'll do yet another re-install....this time keeping both 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service' and 'NAP'.....maybe something is intertwined between the 2

    edit> I am definitely overlooking something....cause keeping these 2 services causes the same problems.....I guess I'm going to try keeping only the 'Extensible Authenticating Protocol Service' this time

  7. finally got some time to play around and duplicate my problem. However, I just noticed that all 4 new SP3 services are tied into each other in some way:

    'Wired AutoConfig' needs 'Extensible Authenticating Protocol Service'

    'NAP' needs 'Extensible Authenticating Protocol Service'

    'NAP' needs 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service'

    I am going to try removing 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service' this time (and NAP too, since it requires this service to run). If I can reproduce the wireless problems on this new reinstall, then 'NAP', 'Extensible Authenticating Protocol Service', and 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service' will have to be placed in the compatibility list. Only 'Wired AutoConfig' can be safely removed.

    back after a reinstall ;)

    edit> back from reinstall....and I reproduced the problem :) I'm reading in BlackViper's services information that only the 'Remote Procedure Call' Service is required for 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service'. I guess I'll try another reinstall

    edit 2> did another reinstall....this time removing only 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service' (and ignoring all nlite warnings about dependencies)....and my wireless connection works normally. By process of elimination, removing NAP causes all my wireless problems

    Also, you might wanna relook at the dependencies of each new SP3 service.....because removing 'Health Key and Certificate Management Service' caused no ill-effects when it comes to running the NAP service. You might wanna recheck what nLite has down for the dependencies of these new services




  8. there is a new service(s), which was just introduced in SP3, that should not be removed if you use a Wireless LAN card. When I removed this service(s), the Wireless Network Connection window would not show anything, even when the router was a few feet away. Also, Windows did not correctly detect when there was a connection to the router or not. However, you could manually connect to the router via the SSID name.

    The services I am looking at:

    Health Key and Certificate Management Service

    Network Access Protection

    Wired AutoConfig

    I'm pretty sure it's the NAP service that is causing all the problems when removed, however, I'll need to create one more image to see if I can reproduce the problem....unless if someone's expertise or experience can confirm my suspision :hello:

  9. 32 bit only:

    torrent: RyanVM DirectX 9.0c Addon 1.6 (Aug 2007)

    File Upload: mirror upload

    size: 4,02 MB (4 220 287 bájt)

    MD5 hash: 0eecd69023a613672d05b7f1725dff05


    This addon integrates /nLite/ the DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtimes (Aug, 2007) on to the XP install CD. :rolleyes:

    did you ask RyanVM before you did this???

    as mentioned on his site, he requests that you contact him first about using any parts of his previous update packs

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