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  1. Ok, it is a simple task but can't figure it. In my script I have to open the "Manage Offline Files" in "Sync Center" of control panel.

    Easy. (both work) --->

    control.exe /name Microsoft.OfflineFiles


    control.exe cscui.dll

    Hard is selecting the second tab. The tab is called "Disk Usage"

    any suggestions?

  2. To my knowledge there has not been a version of Devcon.exe that works on any Windows 64 bit version (XP, 2003, or Vista).

    How do you get around this?

    Do you do everything manually?

    I have a script that changes Nic settings but it requires devcon to disable and reenable the nic for everything to work right. With Vista there is a wmi command to enable and disable the nic.

  3. The error I recieve is "Error 5: Access is denied" from the oscdimg command.

    This is the output from line (it does not really give a error message but it completes in a split second.... and I think it causes the next line in the batch script to fail).

    imagex /boot /export /compress max c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 2 c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim "MyWinPE"
    C:\winpe_x86>imagex /boot /export /compress max c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 2 c:\winp
    e_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim "MyWinPE"

    ImageX Tool for Windows
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1981-2005. All rights reserved.

    Exporting: [c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim, 2] ->

    Progress: 100%

    Successfully exported image #2.

    The next line that actually returns a error is:

    oscdimg -n –bc:\winpe_x86\etfsboot.com c:\winpe_x86\ISO c:\winpe_x86\winpe_x86.iso

    C:\winpe_x86>oscdimg -n -bc:\winpe_x86\etfsboot.com c:\winpe_x86\ISO c:\winpe_x8

    OSCDIMG 2.45 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Premastering Utility
    Copyright (C) Microsoft, 1993-2000. All rights reserved.
    For Microsoft internal use only.

    ERROR: Could not delete existing file "c:\winpe_x86\ISO"
    Error 5: Access is denied.

  4. I have been working on a batch file to build Win PE 2.0 but I have not been able to build the ISO.

    The concept from a blog.

    Here is my batch file:

    :: for use with BDD 2007 v3.0.41.0

    ::------Clean up.
    rd /q /s winpe_x86

    ::------Initial PE build
    cd "c:\program files\windows aik\tools\petools"
    call copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe_x86

    ::------Add additional file to D: in PE (not on the RAM)
    :: NOTE: These files show up on the “D:” drive after booting into WinPE.
    :: The reason for putting additional tools here is to reduce the memory footprint of
    :: WinPE. Everything in the X: drive is loaded into RAM at boot time!

    ::xcopy *.* c:\winpe_x86\iso /s/e/v/y
    xcopy "C:\program files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\*.*" c:\winpe_x86\iso /s/e/v/y

    ::------Customize PE

    ::Mount the WinPE WIM file:
    imagex /apply c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 1 c:\winpe_x86\mount

    ::Install drivers
    ::peimg /inf=c:\drivers\vmware\vmxnet\win2k\vmware-nic.inf c:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows C:\winpe_x86_2>peimg /inf=c:\drivers\vmware\vmxnet\win2k\vmxnet.inf c:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows

    ::Install optional components
    peimg /install=*srt* c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows

    ::shows currently installed optional packages
    peimg /list c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows

    ::If you want ImageX (or any other utilities) in the RAM disk, put them there now:
    xcopy "C:\program files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\*.*" c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows\system32\*.* /s/e/v/y

    ::Prep the PE image
    peimg /prep c:\winpe_x86\mount\Windows /f

    ::capture the mounted PE instace to a WIM
    imagex /append c:\winpe_x86\mount c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim "MyWinPE" /verify

    ::Export the appended image to a bootable WIM file:
    imagex /boot /export /compress max c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 2 c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim

    ::Create the Iso
    oscdimg -n –bc:\winpe_x86\etfsboot.com c:\winpe_x86\ISO c:\winpe_x86\winpe_x86.iso

    It seems to be failing at the line

    imagex /boot /export /compress max c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 2 c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim

    Any help is appreciated.

  5. waves,

    Actually what I do for hp is install the OS with the Dell OEM CD and then migrate the HP oembios files and then put in the OEM key in this link http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...y/oempreac.mspx in the %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\oobe\oobeinfo.ini. I don't care about the Key installed with. and how offen will someone run SFC. (I am working on a work around for that).

    You can create a cd with the OEMBios files on it and use section "IV. Unattended Install" of document http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...y/oempreac.mspx which does work, I think you have to make sure that the setupp.ini is correct. You just have to make sure you have the Royalty Oem from HP and not just a straight OEM. Also make sure it is disconnected from the network after OS install so that the activation cannot occur.


  6. You can use the Dell OEM CD on Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM etc if you have the OEM Bios files from the XP SP2 cd from the hardware specific manufacturer. Simply install the Dell OEM CD on the HP (or other manufacturer) and after it is up (and not connected to the network) copy in the 4 OEMBios files from the HP CD (or other Manufacturer) to the Window directories. The key is that the OEMBIOS files contain the SLP to validate with the Bios.






    and then do part II of http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...y/oempreac.mspx

    and you are activated. I have done this many times without issue.

  7. Ok, I know that this is virtually impossible but does anyone have a way to join a domain when you cannot see the domain?

    Could include 3rd party applications.

    What I am doing is backing up the user data, reformating/reinstalling Windows XP sp2 and then restoring user data/profile. But I need the user to be able to login the same profile before and after a domain join. What I want to do is join the domain while offline and then when it sees the domain it can then fully join.

  8. Open a case with microsoft... there are issues with diskpart where not all the time after you create the partition you fail on assigning the drive letter.

    It seems that creating and assigning in the same file fails (at least for me) 25% - 50% of the time.

    Hotfix is almost fully regression tested.

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