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  1. If we already are in cosmetics shop.. then I found few more things that could be better,.. or logical:

    Location of Bootdrive and Installationdrive edit boxes.. why are they so **** long if only 2 characters go into them? Could there just be a short, available letter selection box instead?

    Location of install.wim, Right-click to select an ISO file... I right-clicked, selected my ISO, but nothing appeared in that box. So I still had to extract the ISO and navigate to install.wim. I think this problem may require more than just makeup, a plastic surgery perhaps.

    Also, in your first post, with download links. Could you write the correct, full app version number above the dl links?

    Thank you!

    (P.S. Why is D A M N censored out in this forum? :huh: )

  2. ****! Now that finally fixed it! There was nothing about that in Google...

    I'll write that down in case I will ever encounter this again.

    Thanks a lot!

    BTW, "d a m n" is a swearword and has to be censored? This is first time. 0.o

  3. But, how do I re-enable System Restore again? I've tried every possible solution I could find on net, even SFC failed.

    What the hell does WinNTSetup's tweak do and how can I undo it? :blink:

    I had WinNTSetup 1.5 then, there was no red skull mark next to Disable System Restore, so I thought it just does something in registry...

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