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  1. Hi,

    I found this post some days ago and it seems like a total different way of having the option to choose from mutiple OS installations. Most guides I've found use the imagex and export wim files into one big wim. This is not usable for me, as I try to put both different types (x86 and x64) and different languages on my USB.

    I'm new to all this Windows 7 customization, so my questions reflects that. I hope you can guide me in the right direction. What I did try was to put 1 wim file and 1 answer file on the same (usb-)disk after I had followed the instructions given. I was able to boot into the installation startup, but was told that I needed a driver to install. So I didn't get any further.

    1. How can I get to the part where I can start the run.cmd and choose the image file?

    2. I probably lack the prior knowledge as to how I can use only wim and answer files to install from.Why are all the files within the source folder from the DVD not needed in this setup?

    3. You write that to be able to install either x86 or x64 we must have PE x64 AND x86. Where do I put these or is this setup meant to be started from something else (like an installation DVD)?

    (I feel like a genuine rookie here)

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