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  1. Hello Seniors....

    I want to change the Start Page of Windows XP....

    im making my own windows XP bootable cd....

    I have did everything just my last step is to change the startup page on WIndows XP....

    How can i change this page, I am attaching picture for guidance....

    and also wants to know : how and where i copy file in Windows XP bootable cd....

    Kindly help!!!!


  2. Dear Seniors....

    the text on the billboard showed up in english correctly except for "Installation will complete in 39 minutes". Instead, it said:

    Installation abgeschlossen in ungefahr 33 minuten

    which im guessing to be german or something along those lines.

    Help me in this connection....


  3. Kelsenellenelvian Thanks !!!! : ) :)

    you always there for help us....

    i have made a menu by the software you preffered linasoft.. Thanks again....

    now i want that when windows XP start, my own logo appeared on startup, before few days you were preferrd me a software WinntbbuED_3.1, i have changed the startup page and setup page too... but i want to know that which file and where i copy files on cd....

    bcz i want if some install windows whom made by me.... after installation of windows, when system start, my own logo appeared on startup....

    waiting Sir!!!!

  4. excellent software.... Thanks Kelsenellenvian....

    how can i make autorun software,

    I mean : i have made windows xp bootable cd, now i want that when i In cd in cdrom, computer automatically start a page, where i gave some features i.e. silent installation, brown cd , & Feedback & Exit too....

    bcz i have seen a cd which contain autorun menu

    waiting for your reply people:):)

  5. this forum is the place where genius together!! really

    from my first day i join the page by the help of wpi program.... and still i have ask many questions and i found brillient answers.... Thanks all Men!!

    I want to add page in Windows XP Setup during installation, because i want to write something in this new page....

    for guidance i am adding a picture....


  6. I have a problem and wants your help

    A few days ago my Win XP Pro suddenly got flaky so today I decided to reinstall. I booted to the cd, deleted the C partition, created a new C partition and started reinstalling. During the reinstall I got error messages:

    "Windows could not load the installer for CDROM..." and "Windows could not load the installer for disk drive...Contact hardware vendor for assistance.

    I Ok'ed my way past it and let the install finish. Since then I can't get past the windows splash. I flashes on the screen for a second and then the monitor goes black.

    I have run a Western Digital diagnostic on my hard disk, tried removing and swapping memory chips and I'm running out of ideas. I'm even having difficulty getting it to boot to the cd rom so I can attempt to install again.

    I also have tried my windows xp cd whom i make myself by nlite software with wpi and and with your help too....

    My hard disk is 80gb sata western digital..

    i have also tried to install window in another system but this message is appearing again and again "Windows could not load the installer for CDROM..." and "Windows could not load the installer for disk drive...Contact hardware vendor for assistance." issue is not with computer, issue is with harddrive

    kindly help as soon as possible

    Thanks & Regards

  7. Thanks Man..

    but this is the process of change the name in properties , but in installed in windows....

    and actualy i want that when i install window from my bootable cd, this changes appear his self.

    i want to know that which files i added to windows folder, for appear my name in system properties automatically.

    my mean that which file i add in i386 folder.

    i want that when i install window, and installation completed, and wpi installed softwares.

    then i go to my computer and right click there and check system properties.

    and i want to see that after installation my name automatically there in system properties....

    actualy my english is so wk

  8. Thanks Man.

    it works.

    i have made WindowsXP buitable cd with wpi too.

    now i want to know how can i make windowsxp bootable cd with my name too.

    actualy some people have made windows xp cd with their name in System properties.

    I also want to make windowsxp cd with my name and offcourse with wpi too.

    waiting for help

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