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  1. Nero 10

    I Got It ........................COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Extract the entire product, Use the following command line Msiexec /i NeroMultimediaSuiteVLBasic.msi /qn NERO.INCLUDED_KEY=XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX Msiexec /i “vcredist.msi” /qn vcredist_x86v9.0.30729.17.exe /q vcredist_x86v9.0.30729.4148.exe /q Directx_vALL.vbs(Entire Directx Product Installation) WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe /quiet REBOOT
  2. Nero 10

    It is not working I have checked inside the package but i found a DLL custom action executing this function(_MSIExtractFiles@4) and creating the serial key property value during execution.(Install Execute sequences) Install UI sequenes it is take care by dialog box It create a deflaut property as NERO.USER_KEY during execution.I created and pass this value but failed to take. Any Idea how to pass the serial key inside the package. I am not clear about these table control table control event table control condition table
  3. Nero 10

    Thank you for replying. I tried in both way as link specified ...but application fail to accept serial key parameter. In the eventvwr i can find this error "A serial number is missing" Any other serial key Parameter that can be passed through command help at this point would be grt
  4. Nero 10

    Is their any way to install nero 10 silently with the serial key throught command prompt. I tried with /s /v' /q'' it install all the pre requisite but fail to install the main product "Nero.MultimediaSuite.VLBasic.msi" because of the serial key. throught manual install.application work fine but silently it fails any help would be great