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  1. The check for the recovery partition is when the program looks for a string in the MBR. If the string is not there, it will say that. I do not know what the MBR string is for this model.

    I am also not familiar with seeing this Ramdisk settings option, unless this is a translation.

    Thanx buddy, Ok can u help me burning out my recovery DVDs? I will be highly obliged.

  2. Hi Friends,

    The information above is really very helpfull but it could not solve my problem, if anyone can come up with the solution to my problem. I have bought Compaq Persario CQ61, I have later on changed my OS to Win7 from Vista Home BAsic, and lost the F11 key function. But from the information provided above I managed to activate the F11 key, it instead of loading the recovery manager shows the boot option i.e

    1. Windows 7

    2. Ramdisk Settings

    By clicking the 2nd option Ramdisk setting I managed to restore the OS to factory default. I was very happy that finally I managed to restore the system to its original default condition. After that I decided to immediately burn the recovery DVDS, for this purpose I launched the HP recovery Manager but it surprise me with the message that system could not found recovery partition. My recovery partition is intact, but I dont know what happened from the F11 key it works fine but within the windows it is giving the same message that recovery partition not found, I will be very thankful and obliged if anyone has solution to my problem (Recovery Manager & Recovery Disc Creator). I have thrice restore the system from Ramdisk Setting Option but it couldnt changed MBR. I have also tried to fix STRCDC, but couldnt fix the proble.Please Help.

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