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  1. Hello,

    Over the past year studying network theory, I've never been able to practice. That's why I decided to make a laboratory to practice what I learned.

    Here is the topology that I just made with Visio:


    I have some questions:

    How to choose between fast ethernet and Gigabyte cables ? Where is important to use GB?

    Does Snort and Nagios are well placed (I have never used, I just know what's their goal?

    Have you any ideas for improvement my topology? should I use another router to improve this network?

    What do you recommend for the firewall? I thought about pfSense.

    sorry for my english :/

  2. Thanks you guys. :)

    I must install DNS and DHCP only on the Network Server and Active Directory only on the DC server.

    Actually my virtual LAN is now Host-only in VMware with :

    AD server :

    Network server (DNS/DHCP):

    I have disable firewalls and now I can ping each others. :)

    Now I try to configure my DNS Server. I think it's not configured properly because when running DCPROMO Windows Wizard doesn't find my DNS server. :(

    So when I try to connect my Network server in the Domain I got a DNS failure.

    I have Set in DNS address on Network server and on AD server.

  3. Hello guys I need your help to create my LAN on VMware

    I want to create a LAN with:

    - 1 DC Server AD with Windows Server 2008

    - 1 Network Server DNS/DHCP with Windows Server 2008

    - Clients on XP

    I don’t understand where I must begin. For example, I saw that AD role include DNS role but I don’t want the DNS role in my Domain Controller server. I want DNS role on my network server. Can I do that?

    It’s possible to create this LAN on VMware without communicates/disturb my Home LAN?

    I set on my Active Directory Server and on my Network Server but What I can set for the Gateway? I need absolutely a router or I can do it without a router?

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