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  1. Some users reported a problem a while back. The problem was that they were unable to assign security settings of files (you know the allow/deny thing ;p, it affects setting the ownership as well) to the user group "administrators" or to their own username because the system said that this user or group does not exist. The problem occurs when the component "Windows Contacts" is removed so please fix it or add a note to that ;)

  2. When removing japanese (I think) fonts be sure to leave an adnotation that this will break your office 2010 installation. Or just leave those 2 files "MEIRYO.TTC" and "MEIRYOB.TTC" and everything will go smoothly. Maybe add an option to it to "leave necessary files for office". By the way I tried searching for a short while but did not find the answer. Why is the chinese option marked in red? It should say something like "this, that, and this again was reported to break if u remove this". Anyway great software ;)

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