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  1. No, it's not a bug WPI.

    The %~dp0 (that’s a zero) variable when referenced within a Windows batch file will expand to the drive letter and path of that batch file.
    The variables %0-%9 refer to the command line parameters of the batch file. %1-%9 refer to command line arguments after the batch file name. %0 refers to the batch file itself.
    If you follow the percent character (%) with a tilde character (~), you can insert a modifier(s) before the parameter number to alter the way the variable is expanded. The d modifier expands to the drive letter and the p modifier expands to the path of the parameter.

    Start command starts a separate Command Prompt window to run a specified program or command.

    Since you do not specify a parameter /d Path specifies the startup directory, there is no guarantee that it will coincide with the location of your command file. Therefore, we specify the full path using the variable modifiers.

    Sorry for my english.

  2. i want to make explode . xplode is done coreectly. all software are also installed correctly. but i want to change the position of xplode. means my explode is installed in left side but its not look better i want to set the position in right side so how to do this. and how to remove the statusbar of winntbbu.dll? thnks.

    no body know here?


    <display plugin='...'>

    <window width='...' height='...' position='x' />





    0 1 2

    3 4 5

    6 7 8


  3. We are all aware that the usage of programs like these for desktop OSes, like XP, Vista, Win7, etc, violates the EULA for usage of said product, right?

    No change of files of operational system occurs - anywhere in EULA there is no interdiction to use additional monitors, keyboards and mice for the organisation of additional workplaces. As to other programs yes, for Microsoft Office in such configuration it is necessary to buy additional licences about what it is told in its licence.

    Which is the reason why Microsoft released a specific OS version to do this, rather than something like an add-on or powertoy for existing desktop OSes.

    Microsoft much that does as it it is pleasant, instead of how it is convenient to you :)

    Let's try to keep the discussion within the forum rules - posting products that do this (note they're from either China or Russia, where IP and EULA laws are non-existant?) would be a violation of the EULA, which would run us afould of our forum rules a bit, and I can't endorse that.

    It at all advertising, the person has asked and has received the answer.

    Forgive for my English, I use a translation program, I will not tell what, and that again will tell that I am engaged in advertising ;)

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