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  1. It is possible by using a -auto switch on the command line:

    "LooknStop_Setup_205.exe -auto"

    Other available switches:

    -path "xxx" => to install Look 'n' Stop in xxx

    -reg "regfile" => to apply a regfile with Look 'n' Stop predefined options

    -startauto to have Look 'n' Stop automatically started at Windows startup

    -startmenu to create shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu

    -reboot to automatically reboot after the installation (if required)

    -run to run Look 'n' Stop after the installation (apply only if no reboot is required)

    The uninstall can also be automated:

    looknstop -uninstall -auto

    Note that these features are rarely used so it is possible there are some bugs there :-\


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