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  1. The problem is, after the install I got a folder called Firefox in C where the Windows is too.

    The Firefox folder is Read Only, my cleanup.cmd cant delete it.

    The same cleanup works on other folders thought, in C, namely the Install folder.

    Well, I just got tired about the whole thing. Been on this UACD too many days on the row, need a little break.


    I think there's some little thing im overlooking somewhere and im just too lazy atm

    to start going through the shabang.


    I noticed all the files in C drive is Read Only after the install.

    I dont think thats the way it was meant to be?

    I might be wrong on that thought, never had the need to "know"

    if they are Read Only before.

  2. Newsgroups.
    The best.

    Beats anything else on speed pants down. Maxes out your bandwith easily,
    no uploading whilst downloading (teh ultimate leech) thus more secure.

    Not really easy to find stuff always but its well worth the hassle.
    Also, older stuff might be harder to find.

    And a smart guy dont rely on one app. only imo.
  3. I did some searching and I know how to change the attribute (in cmd) of file/folder. ie:

    ATTRIB -R %systemdrive%\ /S /D

    but, I dont want all the files to be Read Only, for example boot.ini is Read Only by default.

    And, I think I got more like a priviledge problem or something,

    maybe I dont have permissions to change the attributes in the first place.

    Maybe whilst setup is writing files to the HD it dont have priviledges or something?

    That's my best guess atm.

    (Of course, I wonder how I came up with the Read Only problem in the first place,

    using nLited XPProSp2, added RyansFullHotfix with nLite, and then BTS Driver back.)

    Just thought of asking here since im getting tired/ running out of time of searching cuz teh board-search goes titsup

    if I use more than one word (not much to play with).

    Im pretty sure its something simple I've overlooked, it always is.


    Any tips on this, out of hat, just like that?

  4. Amazing app, thanks a punch.


    (edit: it seems to overwrite any old stuff, lost my "Edit" and "Open with..." options,

    Maybe I need to take a closer look on this thread and what it does., hehe)

  5. ....get the boot files needed for XP SP1 since you cannot install an older OS over a newer one.

    Well, for that particular problem I suggest you get you hands on program like

    VMware or similar.

    Install the SP1 version on the virtual PC and nick the files.

    Or, maybe those boot-files could be found with Google,

    its amazing search engine, I hear.


  6. There oughta be a distros for stopid ppl. (like me, apparently)


    I dont wanna use bash or whatever command-prompt, text-editing it means.

    (bash.org has some teh funneh)

    I just want to click and go.

    A tad more serious note: there's only couple of things that keeps me out of Linux, period.

    The "text-editing-configuring" hassle with driver-issues (windows is pretty ****t about audio too, infact, all PC's are, be it Mac or whatever)

    and the fact that I like Cubase SX and use it a lot.


    But sure, the latest distros I've seen looks pretty hawt.

    Dual-booting is the way for me atm.

    Booting to XP if making music and playing games,

    and Linux if im into other stuff.


  7. Some days ago I installed Ubuntu just check it out.

    Accidently managed to wipe me C drive with the process, (byebye XP)

    wasn't paying too much attention where it was installing...

    Had to install WinXP again then.

    But, I wanted a UACD which has them hotfixes so

    I came here, again, checkin out what-up and lotsa goodies to get.


    Im going to re-install windows "for good" maybe tomorrow,

    running test version-9 on VMware atm....


  8. I dont often boot my PC.

    Maybe thats why I like the sounds, I dont hear them often.


    The lack of Bass is intentional.

    I do not want to rumble 3am.

    Also, the lentght of them is intentional too.

    I could easily write a song or 2,

    but then they would definately sound like a Ring Tone.


    Im pretty much happy for what they are.

    But thanks for feedback.


  9. Well, im not about to install and see.

    I was thinking whats the size right after the install?

    And I think I've forgotten the effect of the Pagefile.

    That can easily add 1 or 2 GB might depend on the HD size and how

    XP allocates the size, I think it was percentage...

    But thanks for answer.


  10. Here's some files done by me for Windows Xp,

    I guess they will work on any OS with proper renaming or

    changing the format if needed. Just 2 sound files which I hear often

    whilst using windows.

    From the text file:

    Monday November 22. 2004

      New sounds for Windows, Shutdown and Startup. v.1.0 final,

      never to be updated cuz theres no need, ever. Period.  :D




      Ok, so I got little p***ed of about something in my Windoze.

      I was reading http://www.msfn.org/ late at night as usual,

      and later, I was tired and about to hit the sack.


      So, I thought I give my Box a rest too and decided to shut it down.


      So, nothing new, except I've been listening music earlier the same day

      very loud, forgot the thing about Volume Levels and when Windows played

      the Shutdown.wav, I woke up everyone in the house.  :l


      The next day I desided to make something more subtle for the

      Startup and Shutdown. These files was done last summer,

      I just got the Great Idea now to add my "2 cents" to MSFN community,

      Better late than never, eh?


      I used Cubase SX and some synth plugin to make the midifile,

      export it to wav.

      Then did some EQ. and other little tweaks on Wavelab, ie.

      exported them to good-enuff-format.



      Its just A minor chord, played through rather quick to save

      some time, default Media playes about 5 to 7 secs if I remember right.


      Shutdown chord goes down, Startup goes Up, as a little arpeggio.




      Im very happy with these files.

      They play quick, loud enough, and dont make a tired surfer soil themselfs,

      late at night, also very neighbour-friendly, there hardly any bass in them.

      Due to the High Frequencys, they are still audible on lower volume level.

      Been usinf these files a long time now, and my ears are kinda gotten used to them.




        Extract the files to your ..\WINDOWS\Media folder.

        BUT!!!  Make a backup of the original files first,

        if you want to keep the original sounds.


        You could also rename my files, but I thought keeping the

        names as "Windows XP Shutdown" and "Windows XP Startup" easier

        to apply, so to speak.

        (I didnt have to do s*** for the files to start working in my PC)


        If you rename theses files, you may need to tell Windose to play them:


        In XPview click:

          Control Panel --> Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices

        In the Window that pops up you need to change the Shutdown and Startup

        sounds to "renamed sounds".


        In Classic-view on Control Panel click:

        Sounds and Audio Cevices --> Sounds

        In there you need to change the Shutdown and Startup

        sounds to "renamed sounds".





      In this zip-file, size 69.296 bytes:


      Windows XP Startup.wav    size: 71.128 bytes

      Windows XP Shutdown.wav size: 59.448 bytes

      This readme.txt        size: 3.525  bytes

    I did a scan with BitDefender and NOD32 before uploading.

    Got latest definitions.

    There should be no nasties about.



    Just spread this Media.rar file as much as you like,

    but please keep the pack "as is".

    Not much to add, the txt file has all the info.

    Use it or not, but I kinda like 'em a lot.

    Much better than the original files imo.



  11. Thanks. Maybe my engrish was a bit "different" from standard stuff,

    did not put the wording right probably...

    But you did cover just about every angle on the issue.


    My main interest was:

    Basically, just wondering if there is and XP Pro corp out there for sale

    that has SP1 integrated by microsoft.

    That was what I meant by "factory" in the first post, didnt think of the OEM option at all.

    And, if there are differences between who did the slipstreaming and

    if there is a way to see it from the files on the ISO.

    It seems that I dont have to worry about as long as im not trying to

    slipstream SP2 on the OEM (factory-oem, like Dell or so...) XPCD, weather it would

    be with SP1 or not.

    I saw it on the other topic that slipstreaming SP2 on the XP that has allready hotxies

    could cause some problems.

    But thanks for the answer, it has the info (plus then some) I wanted.

    I think I can sleep my nights a bit better now.


  12. Well, if the the Wipstis service/app. is used only when one uses Adobe reader or

    msoffice or what-have-we, I dont think its worth the hassle to remove it.

    If it would be an extra service or application that would auto-start when you start the windows,

    then I'd have a problem with it and would try to remove it.

    I dont like stuff that adds to strarting the pc.

    Why on earth every program these days adds crap on autostart by default,

    I dont know, but it does suck imo.

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