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  1. I have recently got a new computer with 64bit Windows 7

    Surprisingly most of my applications worked without a hitch even older programs like Microsoft Office 2000

    But I couldn't get Photoshop 7 to install.

    Now I found out that Photoshop 7 itself is a 32bit program, but the installer is 16 bit and therefor not compatible with 64 bit operating systems.

    So if I could get it to install then it should run fine.

    After searching the internet for a while I came across a utility Microsoft used to include in Windows 2000 Advanced Server that allows you to make new .msi installer packages for your older software. Hmmm, maybe this might work.

    Now Microsoft has stopped supporting WinInstall LE but a new company has taken it on: http://www.scalable.com/

    For this package;

    - you need another computer (or dual boot) with a 32bit operating system like Windows 2000 / XP / Vista or even 32bit Windows 7. As long as it's 32 bit.

    - the 32 bit computer CANNOT have the program you wish to install (in my case Photoshop 7) currently installed on it. The system needs to be clean.

    - Install WinINSTALL LE (get it for free from http://www.scalable.com/wininstall ) and then run it following its prompts

    - Let WinInstall LE scan your system

    - Install your program when prompted ( Photoshop 7 )

    - Let WinINSTALL do a "POST INSTALLATION" scan. It will now create a new installation package for you.

    Congrats, you can take this post installation package and install it on Windows 7 64bit

    And just to let you know, the Photoshop 7.01 update installs perfectly and doesn't require you to do anything to it. Just download it from Adobe's website, run it, tell it where you installed Photoshop 7 and it will do the rest.

    I hope this helps. This process should also work for Windows XP x64 and Vista x64

    Now I am off to see if I can get Red Alert Aftermarth to install on a Windowsw 7 64 bit. Wish me luck! :thumbup

    When you say the system has to be "clean", do you mean that the only thing you need to remove ar the programs you want to be able to install on Windows 7?

    I'm desperately trying to install Photoshop 7 on my Win7 computer. Funny - Photoshop 6 installed just fine, but I don't like that version as much.

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