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  1. I had the same problem way back months ago. The recovery manager can't create the recovery discs.

    So this is what i did so that i can make use of that crappy partition which was bundled and was not working.

    If you might be asking why I posted it just now?

    It's because I'm still dead desperate that I'd be able to create those DVD Recovery discs and still "googling" for it.

    1. Go to control panel.

    2. Open Administrative Tools

    3. Computer Management

    4. Look for Storage.

    5. Click Disk Management

    6. Wait for your RECOVERY(D:) partition to appear

    7. Right click it and select "Mark Partition as active"

    8. Restart your laptop

    9. Upon Boot Make sure to press F11 and F10 to make it work or whichever key you need to press to activate the Recovery Console.

    10. And before doing this, completely BACK-UP your files first as the recovery process would put your notebook back into it's factory state.

    Hope this helps!


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