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  1. Thanks for the tip nitro! I actually just successfully installed using the .iso through poweriso, but now i have the key for an enterprise version, but its not suggesting that it runs the upgrade for ultimate to enterprise.... any new suggestions? ^^

    Edit: i ran the setup process through, on the upgrade setting this time, and entered the respective key for the edition i had... but it still didnt like it :/

    Anyone have a link to a ~7~ enterprise edition .iso to download? that might shave some time off the troubleshooting

  2. Ive got the same issue on a machine that has no problems whatsoever. she currently runs XP and vista on twin hard drives and im attempting to overwrite the vista drive with the identical .iso file, ive burned 2 dvds so far at max speed (dvds are standard DVD-R quality, not knock offs/rewriteables etc)

    ill try one at a lower speed and report back in, hopefully that works. also for those of you more savvy in microsoft error reporting gibberish this is the error produced by my tower when it installs.

    "Windows cannot copy files required for installation. The files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070017"

    This is the only thing holding me back from giving windows 7 a test and making full use of my shiny comp that ive got >.<

    Any further insight would be swell (the problem isnt hardware or any other things wrong, i run both vista x32 and XP x64 on this tower at present and ran the x32 windows 7 beta last year for a while on the same tower, this is a file image problem)

  3. Is it even possible?

    i want to re-assign it solely for the purpose of switching desktops with the program "yod3d" (freeware that gives 4 desktop surfaces in a cube that can be swapped at will)

    i personally think this will be a much more handy use for the windows key, instead of popping up the start menu when i accidentally hit it lol. itll actually give me a reason to use the thing!

    also, wasnt sure what forum to post in, so i figured this might be a start....

    thanks in advance :)


  4. k.. so im installing winxp 64 bit that i just downloaded and burned the .iso to a dvd. it gets to 44% and says it cannot copy the file "pro_seg3.swf"

    according to google searching (briefly and drunk though) there will be a few more files and are aparently related to faulty or lower grade hardware. i think its just my machine, as its a 2007 quad core vista built machine and windows just doesnt like it. my real question for you good people is has anyone else run into this, and are the files that need to be skipped critical to winxp's survival on my tower?

    many thanks in advance to the useful answers, and thanks for trying to the not so much (all in advance of course)


  5. if i understand right, you wanna format while you reinstall yeah? thats one thing i couldnt figure out how to do with vista... it just indescriminately saves everything to folders called "windows.old" and deletes all the old os data. i spent half a day looking for that option as well but to no avail. best i can suggest is have the OEM disk on standby and try to reformat the disk on your own with the memory/disk manager thing (cant remember how to get to it at all, im sure someone else can help with that)

    best of luck! im just doing a format and rollback to xp myself >.<

  6. yeah, perhaps ill try the OEM whatever the hell thing my roomie has =/

    see if my desktop likes it more than my laptop, cause when i tried on my laptop it bluescreened and crashed out before anything got accomplished

    edit/update: whats it mean when it cant copy the "cmnicfg.xml" file... not sure what it does... is it just a scratch on the disk or something?

    further edit: trusty google has revealed this... http://www.lancelhoff.com/setup-cannot-cop...ile-cmnicfgxml/ Reformatting the boot drive it is =/

  7. heh, yeah ive just run into the same issue brok hinted at... used a gateway OEM disk to reinstall on my acer desktop, worked fine for a month or so but now mcrosoft has come knocking. all the hype about making vista easier to use than xp is really making me laugh right now, cause ive had nothing but problems since ive had vista (it wasnt my choice, it came default). oh the irony

    Edit: the driver problem ive actually found a good solution to, if you search up a program called "Driver Detective" and get a registered copy (pay and register online etc) it scans and detects what devices have drivers, and if they dont it gives an automatic download for the newest drivers for the device model. PLUS! it displays it all in a nice pie chart! double bonus =D

    i actually found this cause my OEM disk i used on both machines now hasnt had drivers for the components anyway.... go team retard -.-

  8. yeah, definitely check the specs on your machine with vista compatability as thatll be a major issue if you try to install.

    in my own (probably very personal opinion) vista is in alot of ways worse than xp, it came default with both my machines and the first two hours i spent with vista are to date some of the most painful computer related experiences in my life.

    i say just be wary if it... unless youre reasonably confident in your abilities to disable useless security features and popup notifications, i dont personally reccomend it


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