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  1. still no luck here... i tried seperating the motor contacts, the head contacts, BOTH, i finally took the PCB off the drive and still am having no luck right at the point where i push "CTRL + Z"... i get nothing, no response at all to the screen any ideas why i'd get no response to this? i've confirmed my usb->TTL adapter is working, power to the PCB, tried it with and w/out GND connected on PCB. i'm about out of ideas f'n seagate...
  2. it looks kind of like this: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_i...roducts_id=9240 or maybe this: http://www.picokit.com/store/index.php?con...mp;product_id=6
  3. are you guys connecting GND on the hdd PCB?
  4. is there any other reason one would get no response to CTRL + Z in HT? My adaptor is working fine (checked it with RX & TX tied)... I've tried flipping TX & RX on the PCB, have tried with cardstock between just the motor contacts, just the head contacts, & both. I've got power to the PCB but am getting no where with this. Does ground on the PCB need to be connected to anything? I don't see it mentioned in the instructions anywhere but have tried following the fix for this on about 3 different sites and sometimes it makes reference that you need 3 of the 4 pins... I'm at a loss right now someone please help me!!!! tia