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  1. have you used the 64Bit Explorer? Is the MUI at the correct place?

    Yeah, you were right! I didn't place the MUI in the /explorer7/en-US, it was rather in the explorer7 directory.

    Now with the old explorer I'm wondering how can one connect to Wifi, since the network icon doesn't have that function like in windows 7 and the right menu isn't anymore.

    And would the windows 8 explorer work in windows 7 ? Not that I want it, but just a testing question.


  2. Oh, thanks again. I will try eventually to finish this multiboot dvd. And about jetman's crystall ball, :thumbup , I thought he updated the tutorial since then. And the last question that I need answered to finish this dvd: How I insert other iso's that are not in tutorial , in example Windows XP, Acronis True Image, WinPE, Arch linux, how I make a menu and when I select an option (category) to appear another menu and when I select the "program" to start and boot that kernel.

    At windows, it should work with ntdr, at linux it should be simple but how about the others like Acronis ?

    Thanks again very much and goodbye! :hello:

  3. Oh, yes thanks. I wasn't carefull when extracted the archive ... And I thought it was in the root folder ... sorry. But at "4) Open the System Rescue ISO and copy vmlinuz1 and vmlinuz.igz to boot\sysdresccd\. Copy sysrescd.dat to sysresccd\. Copy memtest86 to boot\isolinux\." in my sysrescuecd-x86-1.2.1.iso I have in NTPASSWD folder the files "initrd.cgz"; "vmlinuz." and scsi.cgz" not vmlinuz1 and vmlinuz.igz. The only *.igz file is INITRAM.IGZ .

  4. Hi ! I am trying to make a multiboot dvd in which i want to put

    Windows XP Home Edition SP3 nlited

    Windows XP Professional SP3

    Windows XP Home Edition SP3

    Acronis True Image from bootable cd

    Kubuntu, Linux Mint

    Bart PE

    Ultimate Boot CD

    And ... Windows 7 ( don't know for sure, if remains any free place ... it takes 3 gb )

    Firstly, what boot manager shall I use ? I saw there are isolinux, cdshell, grub4dos, which I should use?

    Secondly, I'll see later what problems I will find.

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