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  1. Great idea. It's kind of hard to do proper computer recovery or installation with a "crippled" OS. :-)

    I'm about to test it with a XP SP2 RC2 installation - anyone have any luck with it yet? (I'll post my results as soon as I have them.)

    Also, about the 24-hour time limit, while I agree with the theory behind it, there are situations where it could be troublesome, etc. For example, if trying to recover a failed file system, the recovery and network file transfers could take quite a large amount of time... Does anyone have a forseeable workaround? Using DOS just doesn't cut it anymore, as RAID/SCSI drives are inaccessible, and loading network support is a pain. :-) Loading a parallel XP installation is an option, assuming an extra hard drive is available.

    Thanks for all your work so far!

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