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  1. I used to use Microsoft Disk Cleanup YEARS ago and it works no problem on a HDD Windows 7.
    Now I just ran Disk Cleanup (with default settings - which is to clear temp folder, clear recovery/rescue files, update files, etc. etc).... on my SSD C:\Windows 7 - I do still have the old Windows 7 on the D:\ HDD (which was cloned to C:\ using the Samsung 840EVO SSD clone tool CD.

    After reboot - Windows fails to start. It forever keeps on System Repair - reboot - System Repair - reboot - forever. It says lots of files are corrupted.
    I tried to do a recovery - but it says my recovery files have been deleted. I tried installing Windows 7 ontop of my existing Windows installation (Upgrade option) but it won't let me - saying Windows was previously installed via Windows itself...

    Someone please help!


    PS: I can't clone my HDD again since it's been so so so long. I just want to recover my SSD drive.


    PSS: actually, I think I deleted the Windows folder from the old HDD already - so no way booting up there.

    Microsoft Disk Cleanup options:
    Downloaded Program Files
    Temporary Internet Files
    Game Statistics Files
    Recycle Bin
    Service Pack Backup Files
    System error memory dump files
    Temporary files
    Per user queued Windows Error Reporting
    System queued Windows Error Reporting

    ---- so how can this corrupted my Windows on SSD?

  2. My PC originally came with a normal SATA HD with Windows 7 installed.

    Then I got an SSD and did a fresh installation of Windows 7 on the SSD.

    The SSD is labeled C: while SATA HD is D:\

    Now I am trying to delete the SATA's folders:

    Program Files\

    Program Files (x86)\



    but it won't let me. I've tried Unlocker program, and even force delete command-prompt in Adminstrator-mode.

    I even booted up in SAFE-MODE and it still says "Access Denied".

    I've compared the C:\ with the corresponding D:\ folders and noted that the files already exist in C:\...

    BUT Program Files\ is newer on C:\

    WHILST the other 3 folders, D:\ seems newer.

    If Windows 7 still uses folders/files from SATA D:\ (even though I did a fresh installation in C:\..... how can I transfer them to C:\ and get them deleted from D:?

    PS: I could just take the SATA D:\ out and see what happens

  3. I own a NAS D-Link DNS-320 running fun_plug 0.7 & transmissionBT.

    I just bought a Transcend 2.5 inch 2TB USB HDD which is preformatted to NTFS.

    Just wondering whether my NAS(linux) can write to my USB HDD for a reliable storage for transmissionBT.

    Otherwise, if writing to NTFS is unstable in linux, how should I format my USB HDD. I know I could format as FAT32... but FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit.
    Is it possible to format USB HDD as ext3 (linux file system)... and still compatible/read/write by Windows XP/7/8?


  4. Thanks so much. It's good to see that this is well known common problem and has been resolved :)




    Actually, your most likely problem is the fact that your running from a USB.


    I've had to use this "hacked" NTDETECT even for a USB-based Winbuilder LiveXP.


    BTW, PartedMagic is not Windows-Based, so doesn't suffer from the affliction.

  5. What? USB drivers???

    Sure we don't need IDE/ATA drivers?




    0x7B means that Windows does not have the drivers for your Mass Storage controller... aka IDE/ATA/whatever.


    If you get these trying to boot your install media, then you need the drivers for that method. Since you are using USB, you need to put in your USB drivers.


    Also since I have not done any of this type of thing, I am moving the topic to the correct place! :)

  6. This is a bit old hat but I can't figure out how to solve this.


    I get blue-screen-of-death during Windows XP install/setup.

    ... problem has been detected and Windows ...Technical information:STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D6528, 0xC0000034, ....etc

    Dell Dimension 8400

    It has IDE HDD 10GB Maxtor.

    I am aware there's the F6 option of installing SATA drivers. I've tried this and also without.

    In BIOS, settings is ATA mode.


    The CD-drive isn't working, so am booting using WinSetupFromUSB ... made up of:

     - BartPE

     - Windows XP setup

    - PartedMagic


    PartedMagic boots up perfectly fine. It's just BartPE & Windows XP setup gives me BSOD.


    Anyone got any bright ideas?




    You know there's 3 different options for formatting USB stick?


    You mean you know ONLY 3 of them? :w00t::unsure:


    However you are still not providing enough info, happy you solved the issue anyway (one way or the other). :)





    I do know there's other ways...


    I just realised why we are both confused from the start.


    I've been using WinSetupFromUSB tool which I got from:



    The help in the program/app directs me to this forums.. so hence i thought this forums was all about WinSetupFromUSB... but after looking at the forums title... it's not :S

  8. Yes sorry.


    You know there's 3 different options for formatting USB stick?

    I liked the RMPrepUSB way (because it looked better than Bootice.... and FBinstTool didn't exist before).


    RMPrepUSB step 5 is where I put the path to BartPE...

    this was a BartPE folder used before BartPE creates the ISO.


    Now I don't use RMPrepUSB anyway. I use FBinstTool since it seems easier.


    I mount a BartPE ISO and specify the path in the "UBCD4Win/Win/WinBuilder/Windows FLPC setup/BartPE" box.

    That works better now and I get the boot menu option and can boot into it.


    Now I run into bigger problems (will create a new thread for that).

  9. I've got a Kingston 8GB USB. I was having problems getting BartPE, Windows XP setup & PartedMagic put all in one. So I created a smaller NTFS partition using RMPrepUSB... 2.1GB (enough for the 3 ISOs).

    Created my combo successfully, and it boots up too.

    Now I want to create partition with the unallocated 5GB... but I can't seem to in Windows 7/8? It won't let me create partition?


  10. Currently it's working.


    I uninstalled and installed it on the HDD (D:\) rather than SDD (C:\).

    It successfully loaded a workspace/project.

    Sometimes it crashes with devncb.pkg (I recognise NCB means classview information). I usually delete the *.ncb so it generates a clean one.


    Later sometimes is crashes with the devdbg.pkg violation again.


    I decided to install Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows 7.


    Now Visual C 6 seems to be more stable.

    Fingers crossed it will be like this for a very very long time. :D




    Thanks for your link. It made me install Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows 7.


    Help me out here - what does this mean?

    "native Windows 7 SP1"

    "OEM Pre-installed"? :unsure:

    This may/may not be relevant, but - x86 or x64 version?

    native = installed as a host OS on machine... rather than guest OS in a VM



    OEM pre-installed? did I write that???


    x64 means 64-bit... whereas x86 means 8086 intel instruction set architecture... bit misleading....

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  11. I used to have a HP Core2Duo i2 desktop, with native Windows 7 SP1 and Visual C++ 6 running fine.

    Now I got a Dell XPS 8700 i7 desktop, SSD, with native Windows 7 SP1 and Visual C++ 6 keeps on crashing everytime I load up a workspace/project.

    devdbg.pkg exception, access violation

    My work colleagues tell me their Visual C++ 6 runs fine on their Windows 7.

    Does anyone have a clue why a Dell XPS 8700 i7 desktop (SSD) running native Win7SP1 would keep on crashing everytime I load up a workspace/project in Visual C++ 6 (latest service packs). But on my old PC (HP Core2Duo i2) Win7SP1, it runs fine?


  12. Am trying to install .NET 3.5 SP1 on my Windows XP SP2 laptop.


    Around 25% of installation progress I get blue-screen-of-death with message:


    STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}

    The Windows SubSystem system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc0000005 (0x7c91218e 0x0071efb0).

    The system has been shut down.


  13. I know there's so many of these Duplicate File Finders, but am looking for a "similar text file finder". I have thousands of scripts (3rd party, and hand-written, etc), and over time scripts get copied, enhanced, modified and hence there's many forks/branches/versions of the same script.

    Am surprised no one has done a "similar text file" finder. This would be so useful in finding all derived scripts.

  14. I have a NAS (DNS-320) which has one physical 500GB HDD.

    Is it possible to re-partition the HDD without wiping it (ie. retaining existing data). I can do this using "Parted Magic" live-CD on a laptop/PC, but not sure how to go about this with a NAS.

    Currently I have one full/large NTFS partition on my NAS, but I would like to create a FAT32 partition.

    Any help very much appreciated


  15. I have 3 partitions sized at 30GB, 30GB, and 405GB.

    My first partition has Windows XP installed. The other two are just for backup/archival purposes. One day I booted up in BartPE (Windows Pre-installed Environment) and copied my entire C:\Windows to D:\Windows. I did this for experiemental purposes to compare dll file changes on service pack updates. Anyway, Now I want to delete D:\Windows and it won't let me. It says it's in use. I've tried using Unlocker but that doesn't help. So I reformatted C:\ and reinstalled vanilla Windows XP. That doesn't work, because somehow D: is the System partition, while C: is the Boot partition (according to Computer Management, Disk Management).

    How to sort this out?

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