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  1. Ok, from what i can gather it is just not working at all. I ran it up against each line and by itself and it just does not start up no matter what. Just a note- I have started the dmadmin service. I am also definitely working form disk 0. Actually I'm doing this with Virtual PC but on the pcs I've tested it on I get the same failure.

  2. I really hate to bug people but has anyone run against a problem with WinPE 2005 where diskpart with the message "The Disk Management Service Could Not Complete The Operation."

    Specifically, I am using the following text file when I run diskpart:

    Select disk 0


    Create partition primary


    Assign Letter C

    When I run diskpart from the command line I get the same error. i have seen some discussion about similar problems but I am *not* running a RIS server or anything like it- just running winpe off of a cd to do a network unattended installation.

    Has anyone gotten the diskpart hotfix from Microsoft that supposedly fixes this issue with RIS servers? Do you think it might help?


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