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  1. In your source change txtsetup.sif and add the following line in Strings section:

    wks_id = "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional"

    Then rebuild the stick.

    This is how the program detects windows 2000 (looks for string '2000' in wks_id value) and amends txtsetup.sif accordingly, differently than XP/2003.

    I'll add in the next version a check for wkscd = ..... if wks_id is missing. Thanks for reporting.

    You can find wks_id in second [strings] section.

  2. ilko_t, thank's for link.

    Tested this grub config on desktop PC and netbook Asus Eee PC 900.

    title Start ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso from partition 0
    find --set-root /pmagic/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso
    map /pmagic/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso (0xff)
    map --hook
    root (0xff)
    kernel /casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/pmagic/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso quiet splash --
    initrd /casper/initrd.lz

    Work very nice for me.

    Have only problem with notebook Dell Vostro 1000.

    Boot fail with this screen.


    P.S. For Ubuntu 9.04 used initrd.gz, for Ubuntu 9.10 initrd.lz

  3. Did you delete all ( this means all, not all but one) partitions and create a single one on the SSD?

    Yes. On my Eee-PC two SSD. First 4GB, have one partition, there I am installing Windows 2003. Second 16Gb, have one partition too, there I am store my data.

    What file system did you format it in?

    All partition's formated in NTFS.

    Do you have an option in BIOS "OS Installation"?

    Yes. This option during Windows 2003 installation is set to "Finished". But this option on my opinion affect only on USB mode. Where is set to "Start" USB controller work as USB 1.1 (operation's with stick are very slow), where is set to "Finished" USB controller work as USB 2.0.

    When I try fix boot with Windows restore console I try set this option at both position.

    Unfortunately, I never understood what it was, but Paragon Hard Disk Manager fix it, and now Windows 2003 boot properly without stick.

    Unclear why FIXMBR not help, nor fdisk / cmbr x

  4. This shouldn't have anything to do with the versions. The programs which format drive are external and never been changed.

    It seems, there is no GRUB on stick.

    Reformat the stick, try another stick, double check BIOS settings.

    I try use two different stick, on both WinSetupFromUSB versions. On version 0.1.1 all right, but on version 2.1, I don't see grub menu.

    How large is the USB stick? What files system did you use to format it with? Using PEtoUSB or HP format utility? Did you format it at all?

    I use 1Gb and 8Gb stick's. Format with FAT and FAT32 and using both PEtoUSB and HP format utility.

    What did i see:

    First step: On eeePC I press Esc for call boot order menu.


    Second step: I see second part (Windows boot menu) from stick. (no GRUB menu)


  5. As for winnt.exe- you need to use /t:X or was it /t:X: where X: is the drive letter for the SSD disk/partition.


    I guess for NT 4 parameters are the same.

    Yes, parameter are same, but when I load from USB flash my SSD have "D:" letter, when i load from SSD, SSD have "C:" letter. How you solve this problem in WinSetupFromUSB?

  6. How you define path to Windows install?

    I try install Windows NT (copy in DOS mode distrib to SSD and run winnt /b. First step complite successful, but on second after mass storage setup, wroute "unable to locate the hard drive partition prepared by MS-DOS portion of Setup" post-224219-1230406914_thumb.jpg)

    Now I try install patched by WinSetupFromUSB Windows 2003 Enterprise, and setup wroute same error.



    And I can't delete partition with Windows NT setup, created before installation from Windows 2003 setup.



    What is wrong?

    I used ASUS EEE-PC 900.

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