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  1. Does anyone know how to set the default language for Mozilla? I use Mozilla 1.7.3, not Firefox. Thanks in advance.
  2. I also want to patch the tcpip.sys file, but on a Portuguese European Windows Xp Sp2. I will check if the patch from that page, works with my versions of XP. What if i patch the tcpip.sys file from the Unattended CD? Will it work? Thanks!
  3. Thank you, but i guess that doesn´t solve the problem! The problem is not where setup.iss is. The problem is the path that the program will be installed to. Anyway, i solved the problem already. Thanks anyway!
  4. Well, i create the setup.iss file with the command line Setup -R, and thats fine i think! The problem is that i create the setup.iss file when the %systemdrive% is "C:\", and then i want to install Windows Xp to a %systemdrive% equal to "E:\". InstallShiel based instalations always install to "C:\"! My question is how to make InstallShield based installations drive independent? Thanks in advance!
  5. After applying those registry tweaks, will it still be possible to change those settings back, in windows, without applying registry tweaks again? I have disabled "Windows Security Center" service by registry. Than it isn´t possible to enable it within Windows, normally, i.e without editing the registry!
  6. T9 is not cmdlines.txt. But maybe what you say does aplly to T9 too. Thanks! Wich applications can i install at T12 (cmdlines.txt) and at T9 (SetupParams)?
  7. Search the forum. I saw one thread there! Or maybe the FireFox installer changed since FireFox 0.9.3! If that is so i can´t help you!
  8. Tried to move the [Display] section to the bottom of the winnt.sif file and guess wat? It worked! The resolution was really changed! Goodby 1365Vidchng.exe!
  9. I think that is processed at GuiRunOnce stage, i.e after the first logon. Isn´t it? I want to do it at T9 or T12 if possible! If it isn´t possible maybe i will give runonceex a try! Thanks anyway!
  10. Hi! I am trying to install Office 2003 Unattended, included in a windows Xp unattended DVD. The problem is that when installed at the T9 minute stage it doesn´t install! Does it have to be installed at "GuiRunOnce"? I think that at "GuiRunOnce" it will work. The problem is that i don´t want to install it at "GuiRunOnce"! Is there a way to install it with success at T9 or T12? If it matter the command line i am using is the following: start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\02\OFFICE11\SETUPPRO.EXE TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- Thanks in advance!
  11. Thank you for your help. I am not applying any patches. I moved the [Components] section in winnt.sif for the last, i.e after all other sections. Than i gave it another try and it worked! However i made onother change to winnt.sif file and therefore i don´t know wich change solved the problem. The other change was from "UnattendMode=ProvideDefault" to "UnattendMode=FullUnattended". Anyway, i will be applying those monthly updates in the near future, so i will keep your suggestions. Thanks again! PS: Now i will try the same way with the [Display] section, to see if it works!
  12. Thank you for your help! My purpose by doing this is to remove those links to IE and OE! Not change the icons. The same as deleting those *.lnk files.
  13. Hi! I have the following entrys in winnt.sif: [Components] IEAccess=Off OEAccess=Off Wich are suposed to remove "Internet Explorer" and "Outlook Express" icons from Start Menu, Quick Launch and Desktop, but those icons are not being really removed! Help please! Thanks!
  14. I am interested in doing the same thing, but for Mozilla. Any ideas?
  15. Does anyone knows how to install Mozilla Language Packs silently in an Windows Unattended install? The one i am interested to install is a XPI File. If knowing that helps. Thanks in advance!
  16. I am interested in doing that too! But i don´t know how to do it yet! Sorry! Perhaps someone will be kind enouph to help us!

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