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  1. So on my friends computer, there's this red dot in the systray. When you right-click it, a windows pops up prompting for a password, the title of the window is password for viewer.

    Can't seem to find the name of the program. I can't see anything suspicious in task manager or in services. Is there some program that can give you the path of a window that pops up? That would end the mystery, but I'm not aware of a program like that.

  2. I've searched and searched, but I can't find a way to silently install all 3 components of the ati suite at the same time. the reason why I don't do them individually is because the ati software uninstaller isn't installed if you do them separately.

    the setup.exe in the first directory is an installshield, so I do setup.exe /r, go through the entire install, then I copy the setup.iss and when I do setup.exe /s, nothing happens.

  3. When you Uninstall the ATI Catalyst in XP, it wants you to reboot before it can let you have just a generic vga display driver. So if you want to install a new catalyst, it takes 2 reboots.

    Does anyone know what XP has to do to make it possible to install a new driver, and if its possible to get this done with some code without rebooting? I'd like to create a program or script that uninstalls my driver without having to reboot.

  4. I got it to work!

    i also thought it was impossible until i found the environment variable I was looking for: %CD%

    heres my batch file to create a shortcut that will work with a user defined directory in a rar sfx:

    shortcut.exe /f:"%allusersprofile%\Desktop\Program.lnk" /a:c /t:"%CD%\Program_Subdir\App.exe" /w:"%CD%\Program_Subdir"

    so what happens is, the user specifies a directory for the program, lets say he uses C:\application

    after it gets done unraring, the batch file runs which is located in the same directory as the exe i want the shortcut to. so then %CD% would equal whatever directory the user specifies, and a shortcut would be made. %CD% = current directory btw.

  5. I have a winrar SFX file that I want to prompt the user to install, but then after I want to run a batch file that creates a shortcut to a relevant EXE on their desktop, instead of having them fish for it.

    what is it that "right click, create shortcut" does exactly? when using shortcut.exe in my batch file, it wants a full path. I can't give it that, because I don't know what the user is going select for a directory. anyone know how to go about this?

    im wondering if there is some dos command that can give me an environment variable that contains the full path directory the batch file was called in?

  6. I have a winrar SFX that prompts the user for a directory(this part i didn't want unattended) Is there a way to send a shortcut to an .exe to the desktop, so no matter what directory the user specifies, he/she will receive a desktop shortcut to this program on the desktop?

    I was hoping to have a batch file make shortcut.exe be able to recognize the directory of the executable, and create a fullpath to it, but that doesn't seem to be working.

  7. im working on an unattended install for someone. they want to be able to make/delete/select which partition they want for xp, and choose whether to quick format or regular format, so what would i need to change to allow this part to be manual, but the rest as normal?

    in winnt.sif right now repartition is 1, which obviously i need to turn off, and then there's autopartition which is 1. if i turn that to 0, will that let that whole part of setup be manual?

  8. ok, ive been reading about this kind of thing about an hour ago and yeah a domain environment with win2003 server would be ideal.

    but this situation can't be too unique. im the admin of the PC, but its a gaming PC, sometimes i would like to let other people logon to my PC using a gamer account and only be able to play certain games that i put on the desktop for them. thats all im trying to do basically.

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