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  1. Its awesome :thumbup

    but there is a fail... The autologon :unsure:

    I try all possible way but it log on automatically at start up :}

    And aslo disabling CTRL-ALT-DEL (aslo is because revolution pack 9 have a new taskmanager wich can click on "Run")

  2. The NTOSKRNL is the very core that runs Windows Vista. It cannot be run from Windows, that's what the message means. There is no way to force it to run, because it is NOT an application.

    To recreate a blue screen, follow this guide:


    I do not recommend this, as this could cause data loss and/or other problems. Use at your own risk.

    i've already known that. It aslo work on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2008/Seven, it's only work on Windows NT System, and not on DOS System (Windows 1.xx/2.xx/3.xx/95/98(SE)/ME).

  3. You're doing what?!

    Windows Logon Process... i've already started the interface, and the log on, and no problem.

    Why did you think it's very hard? You would be stupid to say that... I know how to programming since 4 years

    hey, i'm stupid or not: winlogon.png

  4. hi, i'm making a new Windows Logon (like Windows NT) for Windows 95(not sure)/98(SE)/ME but i need one help: when i try to change any data on HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders then when i start explorer.exe, the data restore to default :unsure:

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