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  1. "The Adobe Flash Player 10.2 no longer supports Microsoft Windows 2000"

    Both the IE and non-IE version install fine, but throw an exception at the end. Both IE6 and Firefox Nightly use 10.2 properly.

    No modifications required.

    Flash Player 10.3 (ActiveX and plugin versions) both work perfectly fine on 2000.

    CS:Source (non-steam) works fine on 2000

    L4D2 (non-steam) works with the following modifications:

    - EZ install kernel32.dll and advapi32.dll from BlackWingCat's KDW wrapper

    - Import a PSAPI.dll from an XP (I used XP SP3) install and put it in the folder

    - http://img836.images...73/10830056.png :D

    Firefox 4.0 Nightly works properly (Even on 2000 RTM).


    - TrueTransparency and tabs in titlebar mode (obviously), but also leaves artifacts when the menubar is hidden.

    - SmoothText and hooking the Window Captions causes the window to blank repeatedly.

    EDIT (Apr. 14, 2011): Firefox 6.0a1 still works.

    EDIT (Aug. 07, 2011): FF 8 Nightly still works, as well as Flash Player 11.

    O&O CleverCache 7 works; run Setup and grab the extracted files from %temp%, drop LaunchConditions table from the MSI using Orca.

    Install with setup.exe, and drop in an XP PSAPI.dll into the installed folder. Seems to work.

    O&O Defrag 14 works with the same Drop Table modification. No additional DLLs are needed.

    EDIT: (Aug. 24, 2011): FF 9 still works. foobar 1.1.7 works with some KDW dlls and gdiplus.

    AltDrag (great tool) works with some KDW dlls and dbghelp.dll from XP.

  2. Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 runs on Windows 2000 and I am relatively certain the definitions continue to be updated by Kaspersky Labs. Granted, it's not a free software, but it is worth the investment; it is an excellent security software.

    Then again, you can always go antivirus-less and just be more cautious in surfing the interwebs. :)

  3. It seems like the issue is with Daedalus; disabling the blending service makes the leaking disappear. It also brings back task bar icons, albeit at 24-bit color.

    Also there seems to be a minor conflict with TrueTransparency in regards to modal windows such as the Run box from Task Manager:


    But other than that, it's running faster then ever, with no other conflicts that I've encountered. Great work! ^^

  4. Happy New Year to you too!

    Skinning the taskbar now works perfectly, although I am seeing the missing 32-bit icon issue that Tihiy is referring; the icon in the taskbar is blank. I use Daedalus, and I'm fairly certain Tihiy does as well.

    And I am seeing a leak out of explorer; the virtual memory size just keeps going up, which means I have to either restart SmoothText or Explorer.exe

    I am also getting a

    This application has leaked memory. The small block leaks are (excluding expected leaks registered by pointer):

    5 - 20 bytes: EAbstractError x 1, AnsiString x 2
    21 - 36 bytes: AnsiString x 3
    37 - 52 bytes: AnsiString x 1
    133 - 148 bytes: AnsiString x 1
    213 - 244 bytes: AnsiString x 1

    It also left a blank error log in C:... Weird :blink:

    Making an original skin is harder than it looks. sigh.

    Best wishes to all for the new year! :D

  5. Looking good! :thumbup It's funny how often I use certain controls (and even referenced some during coding) but can never attach a name to a control. XD

    I've been flicking the advanced skinning checkboxes on and off to isolate the leak, but the issue seems intermittent and difficult to reliably reproduce.

  6. Your health should be your first concern :)

    Don't work too hard over winter holidays!

    Btw, I'm seeing major leaking when using aMSN; as in the rate of memory loss is about 1MB every 5 seconds. :o

    EDIT: It is momentarily alleviated by unchecking Enable text smoothing, apply, rechecking, apply. At this point taskmgr shows memory usage as stable for a while. Memory starts disappearing somewhere during use again.

    Happy Holidays! :hello:

  7. Oh hey WildBill!

    Haven't been around for a while; but have kept my beloved Windows 2000 in a virtual machine on a Win7 install... If only W2K could better handle dual-cores and wireless :}

    I'm not sure if you're also seeing a mild memory leak with TrueTransparency 1.3... Actually, it will chew up memory indefinitely until I close SmoothText and reopen it, thus regaining leaked RAM.

    Here's a screenshot of it; looking awesome as ever:


    EDIT: Oh yeah, the task manager shows the effect of restarting SmoothText

    Unfortunately, school work is picking up (at an exponential rate) and university apps are due soon, so I won't be around too often.

  8. Hey Wildbill,

    Nice to see that you're still working on this project. :)

    It definitely is stable, although still fails to skin the Start button for me... (EDIT: oops unchecked that in the settings along the way sometime...)

    I also agree: the Uber skin is great; it captures the modern Aero look without compromising the boxy look of 2000. (I do find the default button image a bit hard to identify against the background color with my failing eyes ><)

    You should get in touch with marxo over on WPC about including this in the new 7ize (evolved from Vistapack).

  9. Lol, my hard disks fail to spin up on my desktop unless I plug the auxilliary USB power in too. Mine makes a funny clicking sound as it can't spin up the platters. The device then shows up as a "USB device" and driver installs fail repeatedly with something like Error 22 (it's been a while).

    Usually you can hear the drive trying to spin up.

  10. Interesting... CCleaner caused it when I ran the Registry cleaner. Restored a backup copy that was made by CCleaner and is now fixed. :yes:

    Or not... It is broken once again, and running the same registry fix doesn't help... On closer inspection all the registry file contained were file type associations.

  11. This morning, my Windows Live Messenger 9 had a funny freeze and crash... Now IE8, WMP12, WLM, and Windows Live Setup will all crash when run with the "app has stopped working" dialog.

    I've tried running IE in Safe Mode (which works until I try to connect to the internet by loading a webpage). I've disabled every addon, to no effect.

    I've run System Restore to a known working time, to no effect. :wacko:

    Anyone seen anything similar?

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