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  1. Well, I used the LINK option here the first time, seems to work with a image display only. I'm new here, I don't see anything about UPLOAD a program.
  2. Oh ya, I altered another SYSdm.cpl that has the XP look, a bit more exciting than standard XP. Sorry, I don't recall the person that did this before me that deserves some credit I just had to add the little sidebar line for that 'special touch' - but not too extreme. I also added a 3d LCD style monitor (bitmap), so somebody could swap with either 2 top images [program edit]. OWNER STATUS & SYSTEM SPECS are inputed from your oeminfo, except *Genuine* logo.
  3. This is a newbie user (2 days) and I've been re-doing the SYSdm.cpl from two or three different people for the last 2 days also. I came up with a nice trim version from _mazin_ and _Vishal Gupta_ for the "best of both worlds". I did ALOT of trial & error! I'm fairly good with graphics, not much experiance modding programs (since Commodore). The WINDOWS VERSION section logo can be re-edited to swap the extra images I built in (shown on right), the SYSTEM SPECS and OWNER STATUS get inputed from your own system [oeminfo] - except the *Genuine Microsoft* logo. The original left sidebar is still built in also (Vishal's girlfriend), in case somebody might want to swap back. Hope somebody enjoys it ..... I forgot to go to sleep one night trying to learn this -- I wanted this mod real bad!!! The tuff part was trying to get the top image (orb) not showing any white around it with dark THEMES. Finally gave up the round one, had to settle looking for a neat square one.
  4. Indianhak """"""""""" Hey dude, you got me drooling with your SYSTEM PROPERTIES mod!!! It made me sign up to this forum. It was almost a half year since you posted the pic, but is there some way that you will share this mod??? Is it a direct (or easy) replacement with Windows XP ?
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