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  1. I've worked on this for 8+ hours, and read the topic about the same thing from here, but i still cant figure out what's wrong! Could someone take a look at my settings and tell which/what are the ones causing my problems? I think I've narrowed it down to System-category, but I can't find any clues as to what would be screwing up my installation. It can be some other than System-category though, I'm not 100% sure. Vista Ultimate x64, last session.ini attached.

    Thanks in advance!

    Edit: I've found the culprit category, and that is Network. One or more of these is breaking the network sharing center:

    Connect to a Network Projector

    File and printer sharing (Server)

    Internet Explorer

    Internet Information Services (IIS)

    Remote Desktop and Assistance

    Remote Desktop Client

    RIP Listener

    Telnet Client

    Telnet Server

    TFTP Client

    Windows Collaboration

    Windows Mail


  2. I'm trying to install Eset Smart Security with /q, and it does work. Only problem is that after it finishes installing, Eset starts its control panel. Its .msi file, so what switches/etc. I'd need to use to keep it hidden? I tried with /qn but didnt help.

    I also tried looking through the forum, but I didnt find anything for my problem.

  3. Well that sounds bad. If the new vlited windows gives the same errors, post the ini file here so someone can take a look at it. Are you using vLite final or RC? I had some problems with the final version, something I removed broke Vista while the same settings worked fine with rc

  4. Only thing I can come up with now, is that you've accidently removed something important for SNMP to work. You should post your last settings.ini so someone can take a look at it :)

    one thing you could do, is run windows update and download all of the hotfixes and updates. other than that I'm clueless

  5. 1st Error screen:problem with winload.exe(windows loader)

    2nd Error screen:you slipstreamed SP1 with vlite?

    3rd Error screen:vlite v.1.1.6 RC did not have option to remove NET Framework and Final version added this option.Do not remove NET Framework and see if the 3rd error occurs now.

    Also your attached INI is the vlited build with RC.Can you attach the Final one?.

    1. Yup

    2. Yup, but that screen still didnt show up when I did the file with RC

    3. its not really an error, it starts going through 61 211 files, .net framework just happened to be there when I took the screenshot. I probably should've mentioned that earlier

    I used the same INI file, but even when I ripped it apart manually with vlite final, I got the same error. But just to be sure, here's the INI by vLite final. I installed image made by that ini file, just to make sure, but I still got the winload.exe error.

    Edit: Looked at the wrong row. Could it be going haywire because I integrated SP1 with RC, and ripped it apart with final?


  6. I got this error when installing Vista SP1 made with vLite 1.1.6 Final:


    I got curious, because I had ripped off atleast 99% same things with 1.1.6 RC without getting that error, so I decided to do a little test. I uninstalled Final version and installed RC back. Took a clean Vista SP1 image and ripped it apart, installed in virtual PC and worked fine.

    Then I did the exact same thing, with the exact same last settings.ini file to the exact same clean Vista SP1 image, and it gave me that error, again. Also with vLite 1.6.1 Final I've experienced these things that didnt happen in RC:

    - I didnt get this screen with vlite rc, and if I remember wrong and I did get it, it certainly didnt took as much time to finish than it did with vlite final


    - I didnt get this screen either with vlite rc


    Did I do something wrong, or is there something wrong with vlite? I've attached last settings.ini file to this post so someone can take a look at it, if they want to.

    Edit: I'm running Windows XP Professional x86 with SP3, if its relevant


  7. If you occured this kind of problem using nlite you propably had removed basic internet explorer from the source. You should first apply IE7 to your compilation and after that remove files using nlite (I suggest you not to remove basic IE because it have important libraries which are being used by IE7)

    Just checked with a full install of XP Pro, and.. it seems to work. It didnt work earlier with the exact same image, so I dont know what was the problem. Well thanks for the help, I'll go finish my CD! Although I have to start all over again, I noticed last night that I had integrated Vista's nvidia drivers instead of XP ones. Ah well, not that a big deal :P

  8. I'm using nLite to integrate it, in hotfixes & updates page, just like it says in nLite FAQ. I didnt actually even know it can be integrated with commands. I could try to do that too.

    Download the IE7 installer from Microsoft and insert it into the nLite Hotfixes page, simple as that.

    I recently installed SP3, so to make sure if that's the reason why it doesnt work, I'll try to integrate IE7 under XP SP2.

    Edit: as a small side question, anyone of you happen to know if there's any significant differences between SP3 .iso (540MB) and SP3 .exe (~330MB)?

  9. I've slipstreamed SP3 succesfully, removed all sorts of useless junk, but for some reason IE7 and IE8 both refuse to be integrated. I dont know what could be the problem. I even tried taking a fresh copy of XP SP2 and integrate in it, same error. It has worked perfectly earlier.


    Well, that's not really an error, but when I press OK it just says Failed to integrate, report if unexpected. Any ideas what I could do? Thanks in advance! Also, I hope I posted this to the right board.

    Edit: Ofcourse alternatively I could add Firefox with IETab, but I'm afraid I dont know how to make FF install silently

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