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  1. From what you're writting, I think you have some slipstreaming errors ( maybe due to hardware problems ? ). Try to integrate SP2 without nLite and install that disk. Maybe you can do the integration on a different computer.

    I finally found the problem, it seems it was the destination folder of the ISOs

    because i choosed to create my ISO on my desktop [C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Escritorio]

    and it surprised me the fact that the ISO works perfectly.

    But trying again in the folder where i was doing it [H:\Programas y Utilidades\nLite]

    (on that folder i have the diferent nlite builds, on separated folders)

    it stills produce ISOs with errors. So it was the destination... nothing else, i still don't understand why

    but it happens

    Thanks anyway to the people that readed and thanks to pmi for your time

  2. Hi, it's my first post here and i'm kind of desperate with my problem

    i've been using nlite since long, but ultimately i've been having some troubles

    [i tried to detailed the more possible my problem and it got a little bit long, sorry :blushing:]

    I've created myself a new disk of windows XP Professional

    and integrated Service Pack 2, and my nforce driver to recognize my SATA disk

    and some little tweaks (like always). But when i tried to install windows with the disk

    after formating my harddrive, in the process of copying the files needed to acomplish

    the installation it couldn't copy a DLL. (don't remember which now) but it was passed the 50%.

    Well i thought this was very weird and tried again but just integrating the service Pack 2

    to Windows XP Pro Disk (just in case).burned to a disk and tried to install it. The result was the same thing

    After 50% of copying the needed files it droped an error, because it couldn't copy a dll, this time was

    another one.

    After that, i decided not to spend more disks and started working with a vitual machine (VMWARE)

    i did everything from the start, new destiny folder for the nlite files, Copied my windows XP Pro Disk

    then integrated the Service Pack 2. Make the ISO and then load the ISO to Daemon tool and

    install from it in the Virtual Machine. The results were exactly the same, with another file not being copied.

    I've tried, over and over again.. using

    nlite Final

    nlite 1.4 Final

    nlite 1.4.1

    nlite 1.4.5 Beta2

    i even changed the "mkisofs.exe" with another file i found on the web thinking it could be that the ISOs

    could have a problem. But the same error over and over again.

    Then i though, well maybe my Disks (the Windows XP Pro and Service Pack2) got scratch or something

    so I made a clean install in the VM with them, first Windows XP Pro, the system formated the vitual hdd

    then copied the files with no problem, and install de OS, then i aplied the SP2 and no problem during or

    after the installation. So i know my disks have no problem at all

    I even tried making ISOs in my HDD of those disk, to make the nlited windows

    but still i have the exact same problem.

    Can anyone help me please ? i never had a problem using nlite before and i need to create a new

    disk, Because the others i had i got them stoled :(

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