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  1. there's a Greesemonkey script that makes VLC the default player for Flash videos on YouTube. when compared to the standard Flash plugin, the difference in performance is HUGE. playback in fullscreen is great! the Flash plugin sucks balls.

    there must be a way to make VLC the default player for **all** Flash videos online.

  2. i've noticed that some of the Flash players embedded in websites support the LOW QUALITY playback mode (if you r-click the video and choose it from the contextual menu). www.Hulu.com is an example of a site where low quality mode is an option. the advantage of said mode is that it puts very little toll on the CPU and playback is very smooth.

    is there a way to make Flash always default to LOW QUALITY playback? i tried using 2 different Greasemonkey scripts but the result isnt constant. Flash in some sites default to Lo-Q, but in other sites it doesnt.... (!)

    one example of a site where Flash is very heavy (and the Greasemonkey extensions have no effect) is the History Channel site. i've tried to watch an episode of "The Universe". is there a way to tweak Flash, the Flash Players, Firefox or Windows so that Flash playback is less CPU-intensive?

    maybe there's a way to get the Flash stream to play on VLC or Media Player Classic? that would solve the problem too as those programs handle Flash very well.

    any suggestions welcome.

  3. i've tried to watch Star Trek on www.cbs.com/classics/star_trek and failed miserably. nothing happens on Firefox or IE. on Opera it does play but CPU utilization goes to the roof and the playback is very choppy. i tried it on PuppyLinux too and it doesnt work either.

    is there a way to get those CBS.com videos to play properly? videos from YouTube, Hulu and TVShack play fine in all my browsers!

  4. i havent used Thumbs in 10 years. right now i'm using XnView, which i dont consider memory or CPU intensive. not only it shows images as thumbnails (of whatever size you set) but it also allows you to rename, rotate, resize, brighten, saturate, etc your pictures. one by one or in batch (mass-editing).

  5. Do I need Install .NET Framework 2.0 before 2.0 SP1?

    start the installation of the SP version. if it requires the existence of anything else in your system, you will be told so and the SP wont install.

  6. everytime i launch VMWare Server 1.0.5 while logged as a Restricted User i get the following error:

    VMware Server unrecoverable error: (vmui)

    Cannot get temporary directory for log file.

    on the other hand, VMWare opens fine if i use Run As > Administrator. note that i'm not talking about the VMs.... those are fine. it's VMWare -- the program -- which refuses to load under non-Administrator accounts. is that normal? my guess is that i have a permission problem, but i cant find it. i've tried re-installing VMWare Server several times, but it's been pointless.

    any suggestions? btw, my Host OS is Windows XP Home.

  7. you'll need to make changes in your Registry. if you

    wanna give it a shot, go ahead. as you know, playing

    with the Registry can have disastrous consequences, so

    think thrice before trying this hack. it worked for me,

    but i'm using Visual C# Express 2005. also, backup

    both Registry keys before you start. :whistle:

    the 2 Registry keys below have REG_EXPAND_SZ values

    that reference the location of your "My Documents" folder.



    replace said location with a path that points to the

    folder you've chosen to hold your VS projects. examples:



    NOTE-1: before you change anything, notice that some of

    the paths that appear in those 2 Registry keys end with

    a backslash ("\") character. for such keys, make sure

    your replacement path also ends with a "\". only use the

    ending backslash in those values that contained ending

    backslashes originally!

    NOTE-2: changes are only needed on those keys i

    mentioned. dont worry about any of their "sub-keys".

    NOTE-3: these changes might require you to register

    VS again. it's unlikely, though. i didnt have to.

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