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  1. ECS EliteGroup motherboard RS482-M754 :thumbup

    I just got this one working with Win98SE yesterday... bought it at a Microcenter Store, so it's retail available... anyone else tried this one previously?

    I still need to get the display drivers sorted out... i had a better resolution on my older AE31 MOBO from FIC... but it died...

    Once i decide I'm keeping this one... i'm pondering hatcheting down the size the OS footprint with 98Lite...

    3:12 est I successfully updated ATI video divers with ATI's Catalyst 6.2 drivers and can now fully support up to 1600 x 1200 (but my monitor doesn't.... new monitor time :D


    the remaining question marks are:

    PCI System management

    PCI Universal Serial Bus

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