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  1. Can any one help to details guide & step by step " how can i modify WINXPSP2 Boot sikn?"

    I want to make my pesonal boot skin.

    There is a program called StyleXP that allows you to edit your windows XP boot skin along with desktop skins and other functions. I do not know how to do it manually.


    Just be careful when changing your boot splash screen.

  2. I had this same issue as you. What happened I was playing a graphic intensive game and it kept crashing. I took off the side of my case and realized my Video card was overheating. Kept the side of my case off and tried to play the game again hoping it would stay cooler. While in the game I moved my case door out of the way knocking my computer lightly causing my computer to act up. When I restarted my computer, it gets to the Windows welcome screen and its blank yet the hard drives are still loading. Same problem.

    Of course you cant get into windows at all (not even safe mode or command prompt) all the options didn't work when trying to start up Windows alternatively. Also I tried different BIOS options with no success. I can still see the boot process but I thought I ruined my video card so I took my video card out and switched it out with another Nvidia card (I have a 6800 Gt and tried the TNT2 from an old computer) and had the same issue. So I ended up reinstalling windows hoping it would fix the problem. I installed windows around 3 times (not reformat) trying to get it to work, but ended up having the same issue of the blank boot after each Windows installation. So I decided to take a break and get something to eat leaving the computer on. I came back upstairs and saw that windows did boot up. If you leave the computer on at the blank boot, it will eventually load into windows after a long wait (at least with my problem.)

    What I ended up doing when I got into Windows was uninstalling all Nvidia drivers and programs I could find. Then I ran registry and other cleaners on my computer to try and rid as much as I could without reformatting (I needed to buy another HD before I reformat to back up my data). I reinstalled older Nvidia drivers and still had the same boot blank screen problem and had to wait a long time for windows to start up. While in windows I played some music and realized my rear speakers on my surround sound were not sounding right(like static almost and really low). So I plugged in my sound cords in tighter on the sound card to cause my computer to have issues again, needing another restart. I just turned off the computer. Since my video card over heating, I decided to take it out again and blow the dust out with my compressor before restarting again. I put the video card back into my computer and made sure my other cards were in correctly and cords were all tight and booted up my computer again.

    To my surprise the computer booted up into windows normally. I think (not positive) I know what caused my problem....

    When I opened my computer case, I hit the cables on my sound card (SB Audigy 2) either causing the cables to be loose or knocking the sound card just enough to cause issues. Since I tried another Video card, I know it was seated correctly and not the problem.

    or.......it was from blowing out the dust from my Video card(which I don't think it was.)

    Also reading from another forum, a user took out all of his cards uninstalling and then putting all his cards back in, re-installing all his drivers for his components. Which worked for him.

    I am not sure this will fix every issue but it fixed mine. What I would suggest...

    Make sure all your cards and cords are seated correctly. Even take them put and re-seat them all to ensure proper fit.

    Make sure all your cords are in tight and correctly.

    Maybe your power supply isn't strong enough for your video card (if you bought it new and had this issue or you knocked other components installing it)

    If your computer is not clean, try to blow out all the dust.

    For my issue it was hardware and not software. Hope this helps people.....

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