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  1. Hi,

    I have an HP Elitebook 2740p (12" touchscrren). I've created a new partition using windows disk manager tools, but since I had a few hidden partitions (part of HP recovery), the system converted the HDD from simple to dynamic. The problem is that I'm trying to install Windows 8 on this machine (it comes with Win7 pro), and it would'nt install since it is a dynamic drive.

    Ive tried to convert the disk to basic using Paragon partition manager 10 pro. It tells me that it need to reboot the machine to complete the conversion, but it cannot install the windows recovery environment which popsup when paragon changes the drive during boot. I've tried to use the paragon recovery cd, but it hangs. I've also tried to use some recovery cd with partition magic, but it crashes as well. I've tried to restore the computer to factory settings using the recovery option that reinstalls windows, but it crashes too...

    I've decided to take the drive out and put it in an external enclosure to clean it from another computer...but it is a 1.8" drive....

    Any ideas?


  2. Why should you care about the disc itself? I bought the license using my edu email, and it supposed to be upgrade. However, I've used a retail DVD (not upgrade) to install and activate without a problem. The license is not OEM.

    Having said that, you should know that Microsoft changed the license and activation procedures in Vista and 7. Basically, you can activate the system on two different computers (not at the same time...), but after that it will not activate and you will need to call Microsoft. Microsoft may or may not allow you to activate the system for the 3rd time (on different hardware).

  3. Hi,

    My computer started to act strangely. I have 2 sata hdds and one ide. Motherboard is Asus L5d2.

    Recently, windows vista business x86 sees one of my sata drives as failed and will not mount it. I've checked the drive with a few 3rd party tools and the hardware is fine (no bad sectors) and all the data is readable. When I boot the same machine to windows server 2008 R2 x64 the machine sees the ide drive as failed and the sata drive works perfectly. I'm using the latest BIOS and drivers, and as I've mentioned, this behaviour started recently.

    Any ideas?


  4. Hi,

    I'm running Windows Sever 2008 R2 Standard x64. Whenever I'm trying to use the browse for files windows (e.g. selecting a file to upload in a browser, or opening a document in other applications) the application that opened this window crashes. It happens in every application, not just the browser (both IE and Firefox). I'm using some network drives and opening files from these locations but I get the crash even when I'm using local files.

    Any ideas?


  5. Hi,

    I'm using Outlook 2007 to connect to a few IMAP servers. Whenever Outlook starts it goes to the Outlook Today page which I've configured to show the inbox of each of my mail accounts. The problem is that they are all displayed as "inbox" so I have no idea which inbox belongs to which email account. Is there a way I can rename the inbox folder in Outlook? Do I have to go to the IMAP server and change the folder name there? I'm not sure it's possible.


  6. Hi,

    I'm running IE on 3 computers (XP, Vista x86 and Vista x64). All of these are fast computers. I'm running IE on all of those computers and 2 of them have the same problem: the page loads fine, but when it ends the loading process the browser just hangs for for a few seconds and I can't do anything on the page itself.

    The 3rd pc works fine, and the only difference is that it runs Office 2003, while the problematic computers run Office 2007. I've tried upgrading to IE8 but the behaviour is the same. Also, it happens when I load a blank page, so it's definitely a problem at the end of the page load.

    Any ideas?


  7. Hi,

    I have 3 computers with Asus P5LD2 mobos. All of the computers are running Win XP SP3 and some are running Windows 2003 SP2. All using the latest BIOS (1903) and latest patches from microsoft.

    My problem is that Windows is using only one of the two cores of the CPUs. Some computers are running Pentium D915 dual core and some E2180 dual core. Both supported by the board. When I run the task manager ->performance Windows shows only one CPU instead of two. I've also installed Everest Ultimate and tells that only one core is being used. I've installed all the drivers from the original Asus CD.

    Any ideas?


  8. Hi,

    I'm running Vista Prem x64 and I have a problem with IE x86: whenever I load a page, almost every page,

    the browser hangs for a few seconds when the page is done loading; I can't select any object on the screen

    and I can't scroll. After a few seconds of freeze it "releases" itself and I can go on working. This behviour is

    extremely annoying. I've recently downloaded IE 8 beta and the x86 version has the same behaviour.

    I do not have the problem with IE x64 or with Firefox, but IE x64 doesn't work with my ad blocker and I would really like to try

    the IE8. Does anyone else has a similar problem (and solution..)?


  9. Hi,

    I have read about many issues with Vista 32 and having over 3GB of ram. I know the reasons (hardware level driver adresses etc.), but here's the thing: I recently got a new laptop with 4GB ram and Vista Premium 32bit. Windows sees the entire 4GB. Is it possible? I have a discrete video memory, so maybe that's the reason.


  10. Problem solved: Downloaded and exctracted the latest x64 drivers from Nvidia and extract them. Next, went to device manager->vga adapter and selected update drivers, search manually for a driver and unselect the "show only compatible drivers". This allowed me to manually select the drivers. Windows complain that the driver may not be suitable but installs them anyway. After installation everything is working fine and windows index rating went up.

  11. Hi,

    I have a new laptop that comes with some pre-installed restore utility (from LG). I want to do a clean install but for some reason I cannot remove the hidden partition. Partition magic 8.05 wouldn't even do anything to the disk it says that it's has errors and the vista installation cd does remove partitions, but does not show me the hidden one.

    Do you have any suggestion for a tool that can format the hard drive completely?


  12. Hi,

    I have a new laptop that originally comes with Vista Premium x86 (LG/T8100/Nvidia 8600/4GB ram), and everything is working fine.

    I've install Vista Premium x64, and for some reason I cannot install the Nvidia drivers. The default driver that Windows chooses is a standard vga, and when I run the Nvidia x64 driver installer it tells me that it could not find any compatible hardware.

    Any ideas?


  13. What I can think of off the top of my head is with 64-bit you'll be ready for when everything is converted to 64 bit and you'll already be ready to enjoy everything 64 bit has to offer rather than scramble to get a fix like everyone else.

    But this is at least a year ahead, and I'm not sure that 64bit will become mainstream before the next version of windows. According to what you say, there is no real reason to upgrade to 64bit except for the fun of it.

  14. So besides the ability to utilize more RAM, are there other benefits to Vista x64 today?

    Assuming that it's a 64bit Vista, most of the applications (office etc.) are still 32bit, so will I actually see any difference between 32 and 64 on the same machine?

    The reason I'm asking is that I'm getting a new laptop (Dell) which I could only get with 32bit Vista and I'm thinking of upgrading it.


  15. Hi,

    I'm thinking about getting a Dell XPS with a T8100 cpu. The laptop is offered through Dell's website and has onlty Win Vista 32 OS.

    Two questions:

    1. Is the Win Vista Premium comes with both 64 bit and 32 bit?

    2. According to Intel, T8100 has EMT64 support, so it should support 64 OS, right?


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