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  1. I encountered the 7B error as well with my Asus A8N SLI Deluxe

    It was down to the driverpacks, but its mainly nVidias fault.

    In the end I had to slipstream only the mass storage drivers relevant for my mobo onto the disk before it would install successfully. Simply used nLite to slipsteam them in.

    I've only got a RAID 0 array on the nVidia SATA controller, so really needed to have the correct drivers installed for Windows to be able to continue booting from it.

  2. yeah i'm encountering this problem too now, having been trying to take it in stages so I can spot when it is breaking, but still working on that

    could possibly be after i've slipstreamed BTS Driverpacks in though, but yet to be confirmed for sure


    have double checked txtsetup.sif, and nlite.inf is listed in there...

    second edit..

    oh double fun...as a test, i stripped out the $oem$ folder, and tested again, no advanced inf error seen :huh:

    edit...11th Aug...

    nailed it to the Adobe Reader 9 Lite installation...for some reason if I included this in the GUIRunOnce installation, it would eventually generate that error. Moved it to cmdlines and now fine, even when creating a new user and logging in...no error seen

  3. you could just slipstream these into the office image.

    i have working switches at home, so will post when there

    I believe there is a problem with slipstreaming the post SP2 updates into office image. The problem being that the updates still show up in Windows Update. It is an error that Microsoft is already aware of. Also since new updates keep showing up, and some like the 'Outlook Junk filter' being updated regularly it is simpler to do it this way rather having to keep slipstremaing into the office image. Atleast that is what I think.

    and there i was...thinking i was going loony...always wondered why it was insisting on installing those from windows update after i sworn i'd slipstreamed them...

  4. sorry having troubles finding the answer to this problem...

    but does your file structure mean that the $oem$ folder gets copied as it should?

    cos as a quick test, i simply mounted a PE Bart iso in drive, and mounted my UA DVD XP in another, booted the VMWare on the PE, and tried to run thru the UA, using winnt32 and appropriate switches, but it didn't copy across...only difference i can see, is that i use reference winnt.sif from within i386, and not from the root...

  5. odd. swear i used a reg tweak to remove the web prompt, and it worked silently on my virtual machine

    but for some reason when i actually used it on a real machine it prompted me for the SCSI drivers...

    yeah got a point...is it possible to integrate the SCSI drivers that DT uses?

  6. maybe i'm just being fussy, as i've also done it this way, the gfx card installs, but u dont get the extra advanced features in the advanced properties, but beyond rigging ur unattended to start the installation of the full nvidia driver.....which would be bad for use on a machine that doesnt have nvidia card...

  7. just happened to finally use my unattended xp on my system after installing a new hd, and only half of the nforce 2 drivers seem to install maybe since XP doesn't see the need to install the other drivers

    network and sound drivers seem to install, xp seemed to recognise the gf4mx, but for some reason didn't install properly, maybe since the entire Nvidia Unified driver hadnt been installed

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