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  1. We just have a users directory on the file server. Just set up a Home folder in their profile and have them save their work there instead of My Documents. You don't need to have roaming profiles unless user's are traveling to various locations and using different workstations constantly. I worked at one company that used roaming profiles and I got a ticket about a user that said that it was taking almost an hour to logon. Their profile was over 500MB and it had to download it every time they logged in.

  2. Just wanted to say hH. A little about me I've been in IT for 10 years. Started out as a Novell Lab Instructor then was on a helpdesk for a year, I've worked remote desktop support and I've been a Windows Server Sys Admin for about 7 years. I won't post who I work for but it is a largg company but our division is fairly small. About 150 mostly PeopleSoft Engineers out around the country working various projects. Our IT staff consists of 2 and we do everything from helpdesk, rebuilding laptops and pcs, 2000 and 2003 server support, backups, and router and firewall configuration. Well sorry for being so long winded. :hello:

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