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  1. start /wait netfx3.exe /q:a /c:"setup.exe /q /norestart"

    I promise it worked fine this way yesterday. But another test revealed that there should be at least an additional /norestart switch at the end. I. e.:

    start /wait netfx3.exe /q:a /c:"setup.exe /q /norestart" /norestart

    Don't know if it will also work if you drop off the first /norestart switch.

  2. Hello.

    I'm aware of the fact that this is a somehow old topic. But because it is one of the top search result for Googleing "'.net framework 3' +unattended" I think a resolution could be helpful for others.

    Here it is:

    Start the installation by

    start /wait netfx3.exe /q:a /c:"setup.exe /q /norestart"

    Where netfx3.exe is the Redistributable Package.

    I've tried this because I found it as a 100% working way for the .NET FX 2.0 Redist over at Aaron Stebner's WebLog. And it works fine for me.

    You could also use the /t:{folder} switch for specifying a temporary files location.

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