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  1. Hey,

    I am on a copy of XP that has been nLited with version 1.2.1 by the way.

    Now I just downloaded the new nLite 1.4 and installed the new runtimeR3 in the same folder of course. Now I am getting this error when I press next after I locate the folder where my Windows XP software is. Here is a screen shot of the error.

    Why am I getting this? When I press continue it practically freezes and never slipstreams the XP.


  2. So does the new nLite (v1.4) have these WFP errors? I remember back with v1.0RC1 I never got those WFP messages and I used to create 140 MB XP ISOs. On v1.3 even if I disable WFP or SFC, I still get the WFP to pop up when I try to stream WMP 10 codecs (I do this because I remove WMP completely with nLite). When I made v1.0 nLite discs I used to be able to stream WMP 10 codecs just fine after the install and never get a WFP error.

    Does any one know if the WFP errors are going to be gone with the new nLite?

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