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  1. It works, but I go to a different visualization than I had ... no offense, I like the skin, but like inside the "library" you could update the search & stuff it looks kinda funky or something. I saw a skin like this one time called Eclipse it worked nicely, I couldn't find it even fi I wanted to though. Nice skin overall.

    edit: just so its known, the seek tooltip is not capitalized, if you have a reason or something I didn't think it was wrong, but I do things like that, so I figured I'd just left you know.

    edit2's: http://customize.org/wmp/skins/54898 if anyone wants it, but marxo's is better I think now that I've seen it again...

  2. Whoah. Cool and all but, whats up with the rich text document icon on top of any shortcut icon??? Its already been removed, so not that .... only happens with .lnk's. I tried repairing icon cache, all that. I tried creating new shortcuts, I checked the "File type" list, and made .LNK and set no icon, can't get it to go away. Please tell me what did it. :huh:

    edit: also it only happens when the links are full sized, i.e. it doesn't happen in start menu, but in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\ it does. And .RTF is not that icon anyways. OpenOffice is set to open it, and it gets the OO icon.


  3. You could make your own, just make it like a gradient blue and green, then Windows XP in text. And at the bottom of every page put "Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft" or something to that affect.

    I attached something like what I was saying.

    You can use this site:


    I used:



    For the text shadow I use Paint.NET (I have to use old version :realmad: ) I just made a transparent layer and typed in Windows XP then positioned it. I'm not really sure as to any sites. Maybe google royalty free XP images or something.


  4. I'm not sure where to that stuff is. :wacko: But I do remember reading that by editing explorer.exe you can edit start button caption and image. I don't know where I saw it though. Google "change Start Menu icon" or something. If you can't find the directions I can remember you have to have a program that can edit the .exe, then Ctrl+Alt+Del, Task Manager, kill explorer.exe (have the program launched before then) then start the editing. Its also recommended you make a copy of explorer, just in case. Sorry I can't remember anything else...

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