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  1. While testing the silent installation of daemon tools the problem of the choice of the language appeared me, that is why I add responsible for this the file:










    Language=1045 // 1033 - English Language

    Write down it as daemontools.ini in %systemdrive%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\DAEMON Tools


    Next I suggest to download http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/09da6895-83aa-...c7-f702394f4a56 (this is an addon of daemon without SPTD) and unpack.




    If ProcessExists ("firefox.exe") Then ProcessClose ("firefox.exe")

    If ProcessExists ("iexplore.exe") Then ProcessClose ("iexplore.exe")


    Save this scirpt and everything should work fine.

  2. If you occured this kind of problem using nlite you propably had removed basic internet explorer from the source. You should first apply IE7 to your compilation and after that remove files using nlite (I suggest you not to remove basic IE because it have important libraries which are being used by IE7)

  3. create a file called "cmdlines.txt" directly in the $OEM$ folder. (note: no spaces in filename).

    That cmdlines.txt file gets parsed as if it was a batch file, at T-13, automatically by windows setup. Have the paths written correctly. Here's my cmdlines.txt, for a sample:



    "regedit /S mytweaks.reg" (where the file "mytweaks.reg" is also placed in the same directory - $OEM$)

  4. hello guys!

    i've tried to make an xpsp3 slipstreamed cd witn some regtweaks inside.. but i've a problem with them, cause they won't be applied...that's what i've done:

    1. created an %OEM$ folder into the root of CD

    2. created a folder $$ into $OEM$

    3. created a txt file into $$, cmdlines.txt with this code:

    "REGEDIT /S Tweaks.reg"

    4. added Tweaks.reg into $OEM$

    i've created this iso with nLite without specifing anything about cmdlines.txt nor tweaks.reg...i think xp setup will recognize them automatically, if present!

    what's wrong with this procedure?

    Thanks in advance

    I think you should create a winnt.sif inside i386 folder of course if you haven't done this yet and create section [GuiRunOnce]. Then add "regedit /s %SystemRoot%\System32\tweaks.reg"

  5. Im Seeking Help From My Superiors Here... I Created My Disc Using Nlite, Added A Theme Using Nlite By Patching The UXtheme File. And Then I Get This Error. Whats It mean What Did I Do Wrong Its WINXP Pro SP3 btw.

    Whats The Problem? Is It The Theme?

    Propably, this problem is caused by nlite because service pack 3 include new patches for .dll files. Nlite doesn't contain full support for new sp3 for windows. So you should try to apply another theme or use Ryanvm pack to update your system, because in my opinion new microsoft update slow down efficiency of effective using win xp

    Try this: http://www.msfn.org/board/SP3-UX-theme-pat...11-t116237.html

  6. Thank you for your reply. So if i add it to HKLM\....\runonce it will runonce for each user created if i understand it correctly? I know it is probably stupid question, i just wanted to be sure. :)

    Yes you're right.

    I think i should add it to HKCU\....\runonce in T-12 so it would be in runonce in default user profile?

    You can create new key but I've seen serveral threads where people experienced problems with some HKLM tweaks imported at T-12. However, I've never heard of problems with importing at the first logon. In my own tests, the HKLM tweaks applied at T-12 seem OK but some HKCU tweaks don't stick.

  7. Hmm, right, that is true, so on first logon of each user default user settings are overwriten?

    Yes, they are overwriten. As I said, create a bat or cmd file to apply them on first logon.

    Regedit /s Regkeyfile.reg

    where regkeyfile.reg would be Regkeyfile.reg in your case

    so for the runonce in the registry:


    "BLABLA"="regedit /s regkey.reg"

    You also can run executables or batch script from the run or runonce key.

    So if you for example would like to run Henk.exe the next time the computer is started you could add this to the registry:



  8. During installation when drivers have uploaded and screen is switching to next phase of installation (choosing where windows must be installed) I occured a problem - blue screen. please help. When I install windows from cd everything is ok. I used multiboot 8 to integrate files to my usb

  9. I've got one small problem. I cannot finish silent install of Zone Alarm. Everything during install is good but at the end I have message that I must restart Windows and there is no option to do it later. I was thinking that I can close this process after install this program in taskmgr. But there is problem. Everything is good when this process is first at the list of all process but I don't know how finish this process when it will be for example the last. Any ideas??

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