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  1. Thanks very much for the reply, I've tried you solution, it works, apart from that the .bat file is starting the install immediately after starting the uninstall, resulting in an error saying that the product has been damaged and needs re-install. I'll try it on a fresh machine. EDIT: Now works, but it comes up with a confirmation box if I wanna uninstall. Any option to make it unattended like the installation??
  2. Hi all I found this information extremely useful! BUT just one problem. I have PC's with both Office 2003 + Office 2007 running. The ones having 2003 works fine with the MSP file install, but the ones with the 2007 installed on them just asks if Office 2007 should be modified. Is there a way for me to uninstall Office 2007 if it exists on the PC, using the MSP or XML file? Thanks in advance for any reply.

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