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  1. When I get an email that has a link to a website, the link goes to "My Documents" instead of the website. I have Outlook 2003 and it uses Word 2003 as the editor. I looked in the options and couldnt find anything to change. Thanks.

    NOTE - This is all emails and the links work fine went sent to another email account not using outlook/word.

  2. well, you could use a pin, and raise the tab and put the pins where they need to be, or you could try to find individual plastic things for it, and go that route. i've done both in the past for computers i've put together.

    just keep in mind what polarity you put where, it does matter.

    as for finding the individual pieces to use for the front panel connectors, try the local dump where all the computers are and just look and see whats available.

    Awesome... thanks.

  3. I just installed a new motherboard and the cables that have teh hd led, power switch, and reset are all in one connector. Problem is, it doesnt line up with the prongs on the mobo. Does anyone know where I can go to find the individual connectors to replace the one that all of these are in? Thanks.

  4. i really dont understand what is your problem.

    you get kicked off the internet?

    you enable/disable network? :blink:

    - Wireless is disabled, can get on internet with wired nic

    - enable wireless, cannot access internet through wired nic

    - try to connect to network through wireless, says none are available. Wireless is enabled and turned on.

  5. When I try to connect to a network, i get the message that there are no networks available. I did check to see that it was enabled in the network properties and with the on/off switch. When it is enabled, I get kicked off the internet when I am connected with the wired nic. Anyone else have this problem?

  6. I have a dell laptop and am trying to get the wireless to work. When I enable the wireless, it disables my wired connection. Need help, as I should be able to have both running.

    Any ideas?

  7. I have a dell laptop and am trying to get the wireless to work. When I enable the wireless, it disables my wired connection. Need help, as I should be able to have both running.

  8. Hi All,

    I've a new problem with Vista, I bought a Western Digital MyBook 500Go, the disk starts and stops with the computer.

    And now when i boot my computer takes around 3min before starting Vista,when I unplug my USB drive, it starts immediatly.

    Who got this problem? :ph34r:

    Are you using USB 2.0?

  9. Both my computers dont meet the min req on 512 MB ram. This was unacceptable to me, there has to be an easy way around that. After 2 hours of doing various things, i got vista installed on my pc with 256 MB Ram. My computer with 128 MB pc133 ram blue screened, but it did file copy

    To bypass all the vista compliance checks type:

    setup.exe /nosyscheck

    This will bypass the hardware and software checks. On my pc with 256 MB ram it runs fun. And btw: looking at the source and the log files it appears the min ram is actually 387 MB Ram, not 512.

    I found this out on my own without any inet access or any help, so sorry if this has already been posted/discovered. There's a bunch of hidden switches in winsetup.dll


    Why would you want to do this to begin with? It's like pulling a 27ft boat with a 4 cyclinder pickup... it'll do it, but you will end up killing your system later on. There is a reason why Microsoft has these requirements. Vista is a memory hog, and to be honest, Vista isnt worth anything if you can't use it to it's full maximum potential. I have a 1.5 ghz cpu with 1.5GB of ram and it runs very slow on my machine... I would rather have my OS run smooth, than try to get the latest OS. Just my 2 cents.

  10. I'm using Outlook 2002. My OS is Vista Business.

    How do I get my Outlook signature to properly display HTML code? My Outlook is set to send in HTML format (I think) and I can receive emails that have HTML and it's properly displayed. I just can't seem to get the HTML in my signature to display properly.



    Best thing to do is open Either Word or Frontpage and create your signature there. Then Copy and paste the signature.

  11. Have you considered the Vista Codec Package?

    Does that work with XP? If so, can I download it off the microsoft website, or do you have link to it?

  12. Is there any free codecs for the WMP? I have found other programs to use for my movies, but would really like to use WMP. I have the latest WMP 11. Thanks.

  13. I have a Dell laptop and a HP sb21 projector. When I connect it, the colors are skewed (purple/pink). My boss has the same exact laptop and it works fine on his. Any ideas?

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