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  1. Well I thank the first two posters, nice and friendly with no info --which makes scense -- it's hard to find!

    Then we have a MEGA or MAXI I'm not sure, so I'll take a shot at MEGATROLL has the file but is feeling righteous and sactimonious about a 20 year old OS.

    Please go sh1t on a win 7 or 8 thread.

  2. Increased the rpms on the inlet and exhaust fans. Increased the cpu limit from 65c to 70. Thinking about getting a bigger psu.

    Also looking for Return To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women. When I play that it will no doubt give me more solid error codes. :)

    ps I played Voyage again straight through with no probs

  3. I was watching Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women, when during a exciting part the machine rebooted.

    I looked up the error code for the time of shutdown and it gave me:6009 Microsoft ® Windows ® %1 %2 %3 %4.

    So I went to:http://www.microsoft.com/technet/support/ee/transform.aspx?ProdName=Windows+Operating+System&ProdVer=5.2&EvtID=6009&EvtSrc=EventLog&LCID=1033.

    It says I pressed shutdown, but I did not have the keyboard or mouse near me.

    This happened once a few months ago, but the computer has been running great otherwise. I have watched many DVDs [20] between the first and second time.

    winXPx64, biostar socket 775, 3 gb ram,ATI 3450, audigy, Enermax 450 Watt :)

  4. #1 Install xp without AHCI on a hard drive using the Intel controller. get it running with all the drivers-video, chipset,etc

    #2 Install a second hard drive on the jmicron controller and set it to AHCI in the bios.

    #3 On startup xp will ask for drivers for the new device [second hard drive]

    #4 Once the AHCI drivers are installed and xp can see and use the second drive, reboot into the bios.

    #5 Set your Intel controller to AHCI and reboot. xp will start normally since the AHCI drivers were installed in #4.

    Worked for me.hope this helps :)

  5. Installed Win98SE on a Asus M2V-MX SE. Used the drivers from VIA and billtod's suggested usb drivers. Even Via's video driver worked.

    Asus has a great site. I would have used them but their Apple II server is VERY SLOW. Never know when your computer is locked or just slow site.

    Works good, very fast, no crashes. Device manager has an unknown flagged- probably sound or lan. edit:Cool and Quiet for both yellows.

    One conflict with ACPI using the same memory address as "motherboard resources". Another forum thread suggests the memory bytes or bits is the bios at post , so it doesnt conflict.

    http://forums.techarena.in/troubleshoot-98/686808.htm :whistle:

  6. I have a computer with C: drive being a 20 Gb separate drive and storage F: 250 Gb drive.

    Is it possible to direct System Restore files to the 250 Gb drive? 12% of 250 Gb gives you lots more restore point room.


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