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  1. Hi,

    Recently i am experiencing a weird issue with my laptop wifi, the speed limited to nearly 4-5Mbps to download but upload is fine.

    I tried all the below things.

    1. Tested with another dongle also still it limited to same, if i connected that dongle to another machine it is fine.

    2. Done Network Reset also.

    3. Ethernet of Wired LAN is showing upto100Mbps 


    Just three days back my Laptop upgraded to build 1903 still i am experiencing the same issue.

    Is there any particular setting or anything else do i need to check or modified.  Please let me know.


    I cant reset this machine now has lots of important things installed 


  2. did you tried wsim from new adk for 1703 build ?

    Try This and reply me

    <settings pass="oobeSystem">
            <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State">


  3. Network 3 means not another network, it is connected to two other networks before this LAN Connection so it will say that.

    If you are unable to communicate LAN PC with Wireless 

    Go To Run -> secpol.msc -> Network List Manager Policies -> Double Click on "Network (or) Name of the Network Connected (for you Network 3 for LAN PC)" on Right Pane -> In "Network Connection" TAB change as per your requirement

  4. Earlier(before 10 Years) it is hard to have a DVD-ROM at everyplace but now a days it is hard to find a CD-Writer so you can upgrade to DVD if space matters.


    As you talking about Latest Hardware most of them cant be able to install XP (clearly i cant confirm because i stopped using XP after Windows 7) even then it is better to Installing Operating System from USB is nice for that situations.  You can easily modify(update) the files when ever you want.


    As of my experience i just created AIO DVD with all driver packs integrated with Windows XP (Last used before 7-8 years i think).


    Sometimes nothing works exactly what we think.  Building CD/DVD as per our preferences is good.


    About nlite i used it but dont remember about that now, as i think(may not correct also) those small MB of drivers is already integrated with Operating System Disc

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  5. This application will help you to create the Hyper-V VM Silently.
    This application create and compiles a .cs file to create an .exe file in runtime after providing all settings.
    The application file created by this application will delete itself after everything finishes and it wont allow to close once the process started(except force closing with Task Manager).

    Tested on Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

    1. OSCDIMG.exe (both application and this oscdimg.exe should be in same folder)
    2. .Net Framework 4.5

    Small Instructions(only Applied to Generated Application at runtime):
    1. Application creates .xml and .cmd files in xml directory of the main application path.
    2. ISO will not be deleted, we need to delete them.

    Main Instruction
    If there is an error in some code(mostly i tried to fix everything) the main application cannot be compiled and unable to create an installer at runtime. At that time please go to OCI folder in the application path and send me those two files(one is .cs file and *errors.txt file to look for errors).

    Username and Password:

    Username: User(for Client Operating Systems), Administrator(for Server Operating Systems) 
    Password: password123#



    Ver (21-03-2016)

    1. Added functionality to install Windows 7,8.1,10(x86 and x64).
    2. Added Generation 1 and Generation 2 functionality to use (no user selection).
    3. Auto detects the x64 or x86 image after attaching and auto defines the generation 1 and generation 2.
    4. Windows 7 x64 is also installed on generation 1.
    5. Can install both Professional and Enterprise Editions.
    6. Added all KMS keys for Windows 7,8.1,10, Windows server 2012 Standard. 
    7. Can add Custom Product Key.
    8. Custom Email settings are functional now(gmail, hotmail, mail, yahoo pre configured).
    9. So many Validations added.
    10. Can select custom Image Name from WIM file to install(mandatory to select anyone).
    11. Validations are functional.
    12. So many bug fixes.
    13. Now Log will be included in mail without attachment.

    Ver (15-02-2016)

    1. Added functionality to Windows 10 Enterprise x64 as Guest.
    2. New User account with username User with Password password123#
    3. Some bug fixes while selecting Virtual Switch.
    4. Disable UAC for windows 10 until the silent installations complete.

    Ver 1.0 (15-02-2016)

    1. Only support Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 as Guest.
    2. Only Hyper-V Support(no virtualbox or vmware).
    3. VHD support only .vhdx means only Generation 2.
    4. Only Single partition allowed as of now.
    5. Can email log to custom Email-Id but not from custom Email-Id.
    6. Has options to show or not showing progress while Installing Windows.
    7. Can create VM at your free time.
    8. Internal and External Switch Support.
    9. Validations not added perfectly.
    10. You cant create another Hyper-V VM with the same name.
    11. Name of Hyper-V VM is the same for Computer name of the VM.
    12. Administrator Password is Hardcoded for now Password is password123#.
    13. It cant bypass Press any Key to boot from CD/DVD/USB .... You need to press a key to start.
    14. Autologon Count set to 3.
    15. After installing windows there is a restart and then it shutdown itself after that it will remove the DVD Drives.
    16. Time Zone set to India Standard Time.
    17. KMS product key used for installation 

    Dont think I am a Developer, i just google what i need and do my work.

    VM Creator.exe

  6. @albator


    i never got any problem with that but i noticed one thing we should see what it is saying if the KB is already installed in windows using windows update or any else(even if it integrated in OS) but if that same KB not present in that Cache folder it will show that in list to download and there is a column with that contains Installed or Not Installed. so i do a thing when ever i need all the new updates i just install a VM and i run this thing, so i can get the updates what not installed and i just integrate them 


    one Example with SQL Server:

    i installed sql server with new service pack that is downloaded from MSDN but it will list in download section to download that SQL server service pack but it shows Installed  Just take care of it 


    another Example with Windows 10:

    i had windows 10 VM still it releases RTM but when ever i using the portable update application i noticed that it is downloading the new Cumulative Updates each nearly 300-500 MB so while using this application on Windows 10 we need to uncheck those cumilative updates first (i noticed this on older version had not checked with updated versions)


    we just need to download and install the big and recent(it has column for released date too) cumulative update first and then re-run the process after restarting works very nice 


    but wsusoffline application wont download other cumulative updates it will download only one cumulative update


    i am using this because i had not find any alternative to this so i just need to use this


    another application from wsusoffline.net also works well but still it wont take data from online even we connected to internet it just collect data from wsusscn2.cab file (may be this file will updated every week) so it cant be much useful for very recent update

  7. @dibya you have done your work i just want to say the specs mentioned is too high for XP

    Processor:: Intel Core i7-6700k

    Motherboard:: MSI Z170A Gaming 7

    RAM :: Cosair Vengeance(2x8GB) CMK -8GX4M1A2400C14R

    HDD:: WD WD30EZRX 3TB (No problem I will manage it trought RAID5)

    SSD:: SAMSUNG 850 PRO 256GB






    Did you try that the old software functioning on VM if yes prefer VM for these things


    the above specs is much good so you can use it for best performance




    recently i saw some guys(i did system serving to them before 8 years) still need only windows 98 to run their softwares which are not compatible for XP though.

  8. wrong place this post should be on unattended forum


    nothing impossible for your requirements


    just you need to build the unattended.xml and batch scripts to do all the process


    it is a best practice to create an windows application to accept initial inputs from you and create the above scripts 


    but only with powershell you need to do lots of coding at the same time it should be look like windows application


    as of now i build a small C# windows application (using some free libraries) to automate every process to create a HyperV VM with SQL Server i just need to do small setting on that application so that would build the answer xml and batch scripts and made it to iso and do the work


    it takes 3 months for me (because i not a programmer just only googler LOL) 


    you can try it by understanding everything of xml first then search the fastest methods for you to do your work

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