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  1. I can't change the video acceleration, it says "Your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings"

    I downloaded the latest driver for my card. I'm using server 2008 standard x64, and an ATI 3870. I swear last time I installed server 2008 it let me enable that. I can't get into the CCC which in server 2003 was rectified by enabling full hardware acceleration.

  2. So I've tried both vista 64 and server 2008 64, neither one gives video performance resembling xp x64 or 2003 x64. Same version of the drivers, same hardware, same everything. Why is the vista kernel so much worse video performance wise? I have an AMD phenom 9500, and dual ati 3870 and 8gb of ram.

  3. In xp pro when you connect to a computer using a user name that's already logged in you take over the local session, is there a way to make server 2003 duplicate that behavior? for now I just have to log when I leave my computer so when i log on remotely I don't end up with 2 instances of everything running.

  4. Somehow SYSTEM is owner of my D: drive. I tried opening explorer.exe as SYSTEM and changing the owner, but it says I can't change the permissions because the drive is write protected... >.<

    System being the owner of the drive is causing all manner of headaches, any help would be appreciated.

  5. I need to integrate the raid drivers for my AMD 790FX chipset. Should the ones they put in the package to make a floppy for installing them work? And these usually need to be text mode drivers right?

    I don't have a floppy, and my psu doesn't even have a floppy power connector...(lol)

  6. Well only problem is slipstream, they will release slipstreamed version so I believe we could request a new DVD from MS or something.

    If someone, including me, manages to integrate SP1, great, if not we will simply silently install it, I can do that any time, problem is longer install time and more space taken.

    Yeah, right now you can get the anytime upgrade dvd that can install all version except enterprise for $5. That's not really a huge cost to get a disc that has the sp integrated (IMO anyway)

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