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  1. hi everybody.

    i have stipped my vista ultimate but when i installed the vlite vista utimate the aero glass didn't work, does anybody know why?

    thx for any help

    you forgot to tick the keep aero glass box....

    or you need to apply the reg tweak as you removed the component tha allows vista to measure the performance of the system and then decide if aero can be run

  2. EDIT: Cool. I made my MSFN-account before Nuhi. Give me cake!

    but then you have only made 4 posts a year? :blink:

    @ jamieo

    that was exactly what i was after there dude, thank you very much :)

    the initial post from nuhi i didnt understand but yours had made it crystal clear :)


  3. in regards to your above example of Symantec my point would be that is a commercial venture, vlite isnt so what is the problem with people knowing how it works?

    The problem is that people out there think that just because he releases good software for free he has to release the source and tell everyone everything he has learned from his own project. He does not owe anyone anything and yes... he did it in his sparetime so if someone comes asking "hey, tell me this and that" it's not his job to answer this. It's his decision and if he feels not to release source or technical info it's just his decision. You will have to accept this.


    you see you are now making it sounds like im trying to make him?

    IM NOT!

    i know its not his job to answer everything, but if he can it would be appreciated.

    jeeeeesh you guys here at msfn like to get down eachovers throats dont you?

    my point to the above is that he would have learnt from others work, and others should do the same from his work. everyone has to learn somewhere and you cannot learn anything from nothing. if m$ hadnt of made the appropriate driver and told people how to use them this software wouldnt have existed. end of.

  4. But my point is if nuhi was to die tomorrow who would carry on the project? you couldnt you would have to start again.

    Nuhi is there any reason you dont have a team behind this because i feel the project would be a lot more up to speed by now?

    For example - if i was to say how you could delete manual install and upgrade. i know you probably know how to do this and that it saves you 70mb i could work on that while you work on the others/development

    in regards to your above example of Symantec my point would be that is a commercial venture, vlite isnt so what is the problem with people knowing how it works? it doesnt necessarely mean you can make a better one,

    for example here - car companies dont stop you looking under the bonnet or behind the panels even inside the engine, nor do they stop you taking things apart. hell they dont even stop you making your own cars....

    but not many do go make their own cars and many companies have fallen trying too, releasing your software/bring in others to help develope would make it stronger and bring out competition as long as they credit you whats the problem?

  5. sorry if it bores you nuhi, to be honest so does your attitude.

    Yes you have made a fantastic tool that i myself use

    but your all as bad a m$ with your secretive behaviour, its not like you are making money out of the tool so why dont you just tell us how its done? but no its all about pride here and whos best. if you dont tell others how is this stuff going to develope? and the younger generation will not learn.

    this convo was related to vlite because i was intrigued how its works.

    any other forum and a mod such as yourself would have kindely moved this topic to the vista forum, but it would seem you do not have the time to do this.

    would another mod kindely please move this so this conversation can carry on in the "right" forum.

    i dont want to have to start this again without the background.



  6. if you create a wim of vista using imagex and try and put it through vlite it says it has a version number of there as when you create/modify the wim in vlite and run it through again you get (or whatever it is)

  7. fi you really want to modify and shrink, apply the WIM image to a formatted mounted VMDK partition, do the modifications and then capture it to a new WIM with the same settings as the initial one, or with max compression. This is the way to do it... mounting a WIM for R/W was not invented for major changes and it is very wasteful with compression and storage.

    but how do i capture it but retain the version info like nuhi does?

    i nkow he doesnt use imagex..... but in that case how does he do it?

    im intrigued.

  8. Under 2 is the Rebuilding, that is Export in the imagex.

    how are you able to do this? i've tried rebuiding my vlite image using imagex maximum compression (so i can fit a few more thing on cd) and i get an error message about appldata folder or something. here's my code maybe you can tell me what i did wrong?

    imagex /compress maximum /flags "Ultimate" /check /scroll /capture D:\mount d:\install.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate"

    ^^ what he said! it comes out with an error like described above.

    Also, if mount the files copy and paste them and the use the export method you cannot run it throuh vlite as it registers as versio (or something along those lines)

    im confused - your tool is just brilliant to work round this!

    (hello geo411m - Snipers Redemption - aliwithad here!!)

  9. Nuhi, this ones for you!

    when editing the install.wim file (manually mounting it via imagex.exe) the image growns when i save the changes (/unmount /commit) even when i have removed a large amount of files (400mb)

    yet when something is removed using your vlite tool the image.wim file decreases?

    why is this? have you encorporated a special compression?

    Kind regards,


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