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  1. i have 2k8 server and ie 7 it runs so VERY slow if i have the windows firewall enabled. If i disable the firewall it works fine. I have IE listed as an application in the firewall settings to allow but it still is very very slow. i have found that it is related specifically the public profile for windows firewall. I don't get why the net is so slow it is not just IE i tried installing google chrome and it was slow to so it s something with the firewall. I added port 80, IE and chrome to the exceptions list it did not help to remedy the issue. Thanks
  2. I have poweredge 2600 I used the dell open manage cd to set up my raid drives etc. However this utility seems to have created a 4gb fat 32 partition and made it a system partition. It must have done this when it set up the raid since i chose windows 2003 as my os since 2008 was not on there. I did not realize this until after i set up win 2k8 server. 2008 works fine, however because this is set as a system drive I cannot delete this partition at least not from the disk management tool. Help is appreciated thanks
  3. folder redirection via command line?

    yeah those are for domain. you would think that There has got to be someway to do it from the command line, since you can do it manually by right clicking on the desktop and changing the path.
  4. Is there anyway to setup folder redirection via the command line in XP? I would like to make a bat file to do this. The computers are not on a domain, and for some reason you can only setup redirection from the server gpo but not locally on the client. Help is appreciated thanks G
  5. I got a new pcmia wireless network card for my laptop zonet zew15(something like that) I installed all the software and driver etc that went fine. However i cannot connect to any wireless network for more than a split second. I can see other wireless networks just fine but I can only connect for literally a split second. I do not get any errors in event viewer or otherwise. I used the software that came with the card and i tried another free program bvp or something like that. I am running win 2k with all the latest Patches etc
  6. I don't know that I have a real backup but I did copy or export the files to another folder. I have that and I created a folder in the sysvol\domain\policies\{62A72F2C-B896-4083-A14B-79808A1D82EE} among others I was not sure where to put the netlogon folder what needed to be created under that. I also noticed the group policy folder under windows seems lilke their are some files there too
  7. No there are no subfolders that are in the sysvol\policies and I did not find any netlogon folder I assumed it should be under C:\WINDOWS\SYSVOL\domain\Policies either way i searched the drives of the server and only came up wit netlogon files no folder. So no those aforementioend folders were not there. Something must have happened These policies have been running for a couple years on this server.
  8. Windows Server 2003 I am trying to edit my GPO and when I do that i get an error cannot find the path specified. I am logged in as a domain admin. I tried to restore my backup(or at least the files that I exported when I created the gpo to no avail. They are .pol files and .adm files. I checked my DNS and I think it is ok. the exact error i get is GPO: Internet_Explorer_Setting_Pol...Failed The overall error was: The system cannot find the path specified. Additional details follow. [Error] The task cannot be completed. There was an error with extension [Core Extension]. The attributes of Directory Services object [LDAP://myserver.mydomain.local/cn={62A72F2C-B896-4083-A14B-79808A1D82EE},CN=Policies,CN=System,DC=mydomain,DC=local] cannot be accessed. The following error occurred: The system cannot find the path specified.
  9. Repair Not recognizing win 2k

    Thanks I will check them out!
  10. My laptop keeps giving me blue screen of death when it tries to boot into windows 2000. The windows 2000 start up screen comes up and the blue progress bar shows progress then it shows the BSOD and reboots. I see the BSOD, but it reboots so fast I have no idea what the error message is. I tried to boot into safe mode and I get the same exact thing. I get the same if I try Last known good as well. So I tried booting to the Win 2k CD running repair and it tells me it cannot find a win 2000 install. However if I choose to 1. Install Win 2k (I did this for kicks) this tells me that there is another operating system installed do I want to still install this. I chose no Clearly it sees something is installed. Since only win 2k is installed here that must be what It is seeing. 2. If i go to the recovery console it also sees my win 2k install it comes up and asks which installation do I want to recover It list it and says 1 (WinNT) I tried running chkdsk from recovery console It did not show any errors, I also ran fixmbr and fix boot to no avail. So why is the repair process not recognizing my install so I can reinstall/repair the OS. I have SP4 on this pc. Thanks for the help!