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  1. What isnt working? CMenu? Right click on the exe installer and go to "more options\Installer Tools\Identify Installer" If there are any switches, it will list them. You may have to repack it.

    CMenu doesn't detect installer type and none of commands for known installer works.

    Since Nero 9 is installed using xml language and, after playing a litle bit with setup.xml I manage to bypass a few passes in nero's installer. But still is not silent... it asks for serial....

    Hi, I managed to put in serial number, but I didn't match how to hide and to properly set dialogs. Why don't we merge our works, maybe something interesting will come out.

    at the start of the setup.xml file you will find tis tag:

    <Prop id="SerialNumber">


    put your serial number between

    <Prop id="SerialNumber">

    PS. The Prop and /Prop can be on the same line.

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