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  1. Hi Tim,

    Simply right click your Taskbar and under the Toolbars section UNCHECK the Windows Search Deskbar.

    No more Deskbar. And you didnt have to uninstal Anything!

    Moreover I will try to find a solution for you to deploy the changes easily, or by means of a registry fix. Good Luck with that end of it.

    Yeah, I can disable it on a per-use basis easily enough - I'm trying to find a way to have it off by default when I deploy a new desktop, or when a new user logs onto a particular machine.

    Thanks :)

  2. Hello

    I would like to add some start menu items, maybe some RunOne registry keys, enable the Quick Launch toolbar in the Taskbar, etc on a computer installed by RIS.

    In some cases, the changes seem to apply to HKLM_CURRENT_USER - which is OK, but I would like these changes to be applied to all users (or at least when the profile is initially created).

    Any suggestions or pointers on how I can achieve this? If I were using Sysprep, I'd make a profile with the changes I wanted, replace the default user profile with those changes, then reseal... but I'm not using sysprep :P

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello

    As part of installing Office 2007 across a few computers (in a domain), Windows Desktop Search is "recommended" to be installed. So I've rolled out the update to all the computers in the domain.

    However, I can't seem to get rid of the deskbar (you know, the search bar that's beside the system tray by default in your taskbar).

    It seems that in the 2.x series of WDS, this was controlled by GPO. This option isn't there in 3.x+.

    Is there some registry hack you can employ, or some VBS, to default the desktop search toolbar to be off?

    Thanks in advance,


  4. Oh thank you. Confirmed that this resolved my issue as well.

    Was not looking forward to tracing this one down :)


    ; OemPnPDriversPath =
    OemPreinstall= Yes

    I was playing with it and found out that OEMPNPDRIVERSPATH was left blank. What was ok with Sp2 wasn't so with sp3. Commented that line and it works fabulous. I think nobody will have same problem but wanted to give anyone a heads up.

    Thanks all

  5. Yeah, I started to look at that as a solution.

    Something wasn't quite "right" with the CD I built - I had removed all the GuiRunOnce stuff, and the commands (except the nLite line) in $oem$\commands.txt (or whatever that file is called.. its gone now, so.. yeah) and the CD was still performing the software installations that I had there.

    So I blew it away and started with a clean CD, then applied the most recent set of settings to it, and it started behaving.

    The other method I was about to attempt was how I handled installed with RIS ... I had auto login enabled, installed some software, then ran sysprep so that I would be prompted to enter a computer name. A bit like hitting a nail with a sledge hammer, but it worked, and I'm lazy ;-)

    Thanks for the regedit code. I'm sure to need that before I'm done .....


  6. Good morning..

    Been playing around with nLite in a VM for a few days now ... I've got it almost "at a point" where I can start using the image I've built for reinstalling various PCs around here.

    However, I've come across an issue that is making my head spin. I will set the Autologin User to "none", finish the process, and build an ISO. Install it on a VM, and watch as the Admin user logs itself in. I'll reboot the VM, and it logs itself in again.

    I've removed anything in the .INI files about auto-login, re-created the ISO, and still observe the same issue.

    Thing is ... I'm sure, at some point during testing, this wasn't doing this... but I'm not sure what I had changed when this issue cropped up.

    I'm going crazy here - hopefully someone can help me out :-)

    Thanks in advance...

  7. Hello

    I've been able to get RIS to do almost everything I need to deploy XP to our desktops, but two final questions remain...

    I'd like RIS to ask me what to name the computer, instead of assigning a computer name to it. I've been able to get this done through sysprep, but that's the only reason I would run sysprep after RIS finishes its install.

    The second issue... sysprep (and other commands) only run once I've logged in once. I'd like to have a "runonce" that doesn't require a user being logged in, but depends on the network device to be and the computer joined to the domain.

    Thanks in advance!

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