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  1. Hello

    yea ive taken all them and more, just the other ones are not worth putting as my signature, im 17 at the moment :)

    thanks guys, i think im going to try that fan less Ait cooling CPU you recommeneded. give it ago, and try overclocking with that :)

    Thanks Guys

    Ethan :)


    well done man

    I'm 47 and did not get any thing yet :(:blushing:

  2. Ethan McFenton


    Did you really acquired all these certificates?

    If yes...Well Done man :thumbup

    My mother has all of these i think (at least the first two). She's got a total of 14 certificates including both Novell and MS.

    when did she started all that man

    this is another life I think

    and how old are you ethan

  3. faf that eddie one is wicked

    he was trying to help me as possible as he can

    something like yours or what mazin done are much better indeed man

  4. How about that one?


    Thanks a lot for your time making this to me mate

    but I'm afraid - I do not mean to be rude - I did not like its looking, I;m really sorry man and thanks again

    Actually I'd love to have one like what mazin did


  5. No, I'm accessing this instance from to practice more, I'm attending course by oracle university for Oracle Financial Track:

    - e-Business overview					 - 11i 5.10 General ledger
    - 11i 5.10 Procure to pay fundamentals - 11i 5.10 Order to cash fundamentals
    - 11i 5.10 Implement inventory - 11i 5.10 Asset management fundamentals
    - Applications implementation methodology

    and I'm accessing it from my home where I'm just connected to the internet directly with no proxy at all, just a router with real fixed IP, so if you can help me with this issue it will be great

    Note: Off Topic ... is it acceptable to ask you if you know special forum dedicated to oracle application?

    and you can send it in a PM if you want


  6. @Black Wolf:

    Jan who?

    Oops... Fixed above
    To keep your comp secure you have to keep it updated. Slowdowns can be fixed by using for example the TCPIP-patch
    I think nLite has this option, right?
    and doing normal maintenance like defragmenting.
    I'm just using Windows Default Defragmenter and c leaner
    Your router has got some basic firewall protection (NAT), which is enough in most cases. You can use one of the recommended software firewalls to get both in- and outgoing protection.
    This is my NAT page in router control panel,


    and the guy from ISP set it to be disabled, I'm using a static or real IP, I do not know if disabling NAT is kinda related to static or real IP or not, but I'm very interested to follow your advise, so more info is much appreciated. and what simple one you recommend for a newbie one like me, because I've tried outpost fire wall and found millions of messages and alerts to deal with which was like HELL so I removed it and reinstall a clean XP, so what do you think man!?

    Many of the more skilled people don't use any antivirus because they don't need it.

    The best protection against malware, virus and similar is knowledge and skills.

    Sure this is not me man, I think it will be after 5 years from now ;)
  7. Firefox Portable with the following extensions (sorted in preferred order:):

    Scrollbar Anywhere - http://perso.orange.fr/marc.boullet/ext/extensions-en.html (right click to scroll anywhere on the page)

    Foxmarks (bookmark sync.) - http://www.foxmarks.com/ (sync. all your bookmarks between different PC's)

    Adblock Plus - http://adblockplus.org/en/ (need to block those AD's)

    Filterset.G Updater - http://www.pierceive.com/ (don't want to create AD-block list myself)

    MinimizeToTray - http://minimizetotray.mozdev.org/ (keep FF running in the tray)

    Gmail Notifier - http://www.nexgenmedia.net/extensions/ (get notified on new mails)

    IEtab - http://ietab.mozdev.org/ (IE is owned by, and ran, inside FF. For incompatible web-pages)

    Tabbrowser Preferences - (extend FF settings for tab browsing)

    Download Manager Tweak - http://dmextension.mozdev.org/ (tweak the "downloads"-window and put it as a tab)

    Linkification - http://yellow5.us/firefox/linkification/ (non <A>-urls in webpages made links)

    Restart Firefox - http://jedbrown.net/1.0/mozilla/extensions/ (restart FF in "file"-menu)

    DownThemAll - http://www.downthemall.net/ (download manager to do batch downloading)

    nice avatar man, he never give up LOL
  8. Thanks for the full time job post DL

    but I'm just have little comments

    -Keep your OS and apps fully updated with all the latest hotfixes/patches.
    When I download all critical updates only from MS website I've realized that the machine is slow and not the same performance
    -Use some sort of firewall, a router is preferred.
    I'm using PLANET ADE-3110 ADSL Modem Router but it seems that it does not has any firewall, so what do you suggest then, and I'm using PC in my own and on other one share it with me.
    -You can manage without an Antivirus program
    I used to use NOD32, is it enough then for persoanl home user?
  9. User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/

    Build ID: 2006120418

    Enabled Extensions: [12]

    - Adblock Plus - Ads were yesterday!

    - BBCodeXtra - Adds BBCode/HTML/XHTML commands to the context menu

    - BugMeNot 1.3 - Bypass compulsory web registration with the context menu via www.bugmenot.com.

    - CuteMenus - Crystal SVG - Adds icons to all menus.

    - DictionarySearch 2.0 - Looks up selected word in an online dictionary

    - DownThemAll! - The mass downloader for Firefox.

    - ErrorZilla Mod 0.2 - Implements a useful error page when a website cannot be reached.

    - Java Console 6.0

    - MR Tech Local Install - Local Install power tools for all users. (en-US)

    - Nightly Tester Tools 1.2.1 - Useful tools for the nightly tester.

    - Tab Mix Plus - Tab browsing with an added boost.

    - Web Developer 1.0.2 - Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.

    Installed Themes: [1]

    - Firefox (default)

    Installed Plugins: (10)

    - Java Platform SE 6

    - Microsoft® DRM

    - Mozilla Default Plug-in

    - QuickTime Plug-in 7.1.3

    - RealPlayer Version Plugin

    - RealPlayer G2 LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In (32-bit)

    - Shockwave Flash

    - Shockwave for Director

    - Windows Genuine Advantage

    - Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

    but does FF still working fast for you? it is too much I think

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